Guilty pleasure….. Sewing Bee

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  • Guilty pleasure….. Sewing Bee
  • alpin

    Why the **** did they let that Leah bird get to the final….?

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    Oi! Spoilers! Lol

    Great series though. Got to catch up on the last couple.👍


    No spoilers….. Only half way through the last episode.

    Just can’t believe they let the never in time, can’t read instructions, sew shit the wrong way round get that far….

    She’s shit.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    Only kidding about the spoiler mate.

    I’ll let you know what I think about her when I watch it tonight on catch up.

    I actually bought a sewing machine last year over this show. Its actually come in very handy with some of my cycling gear and normal clothing actually!


    I love this show. The right winner too.

    Premier Icon northshoreniall

    My wife and I were shouting the same at the telly Alpin. Especially when literally everyone on set was helping her with the 1st task in the final – were expecting the tea boy to pop in and help next 🙄
    So glad she didn’t win.


    Thought the short fella was a lot more creative than the lady who did the yellow dress and buggered up the waistcoat (it was totally wonky!). My wife is a regular viewer and she was absolutely fuming about her beating him in the first two tasks 😃

    Tell you what though, **** sewing. It looked waaay too much effort!


    Hooray – the correct person won.

    The winner also made the most amazing waistcoat.

    As a seamstress myself (soft furnishings not fashion) I applaud their skill in getting any garment to look good and be wearable in such a short time.

    Leah did make a fabulous lemon dress, it was very cleverly constructed, however the others had true flair and talent.

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    It’s a far better show than Bake-Off by a country mile.


    Very watchable & the right person won.

    Almost as good as the BBC2 Pottery Throwdown thing that got ditched when Bake Off moved to C4.


    It’s brill and not a guilty pleasure at all! Watching someone who’s good at what they do is a joy.

    Premier Icon dogbone

    Non-guilty  guilty pleasures? Sowing Bee, yes, and Race across the World (which is bloody brilliant).


    not a big watcher of tv so I thought this was going to be a regular poster owning up to a book club style sewing hobby … why did I click? if it works might give it a go – if its a euphemism might give it a go

    Premier Icon karlp

    Leah probably a Marmite person, good for TV tho. I suspect the editing played a part? Ricardo seemed to like her, but he may like everyone. He should be the new Claudia!


    It’s a great show.

    Sadly almost unwatchable with that new presenter. Talk about trying too hard and not being even slightly amusing. He should move to Bake Off forthwith, he would go down well with their viewers.

    Pottery Throw Down was however brilliant! Can’t believe they axed it. I loved the 6ft+ 200lb+ guy who used to cry at a nicely glazed cup.


    Caught the first one of this series pretty much by accident, thought I’d watch it because my g/f trained as a fabric designer/seamstress when I first met her nearly thirty years ago. I found it really fascinating, compelling viewing, and the winner was very well deserved, she has tremendous skill and creativity.
    Riccardo was very creative and skilled as well, but Juliet was just brilliant.
    Looking forward to the next series now.


    Half watched with mrs on occasions and not that interested. Would like a wardrobe like the male judge has though.

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