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  • GT85 on pivot/linkage points – good or bad?
  • Trimix

    Over time it will remove the grease. Its not an oil, its a water disburser and contains stuff that evaporates fast.

    Use it to make things shiny, not to lube stuff. Spray some on a non porus surface, then come back the next day and have a look at how much lube there is. Also note how thin the lube is.

    Grease for bearings, not thin oil thats made for diplacing water.

    Premier Icon richmtb

    What he said ^

    If you are stripping and regreasing the bearings then by all means squirt some GT85 in there to help clean out the old grease but always clean the bearing and apply fresh grease.

    Think of GT85 as a cleaner rather than a lubricant


    If u have to use something a bit of light oil

    As the title suggests is a squirt of GT85 on pivot/linkage points and bearings a good or bad thing?

    Will it strip out any grease and reduce bearing life or just displace any water and lubricate slightly?

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    Would you spray WD40 on them?

    GT85 is essentially WD40 with PTFE no added. It’s not a lubricant as such but can leave a lubricant acting residue but it’s a poor lubricant. It’s a water displacer and solvent. Primarily best at the latter. It’s the worst thing the likes of Halfords flog with everything and people wonder why their bearings are grinding after using it constantly. Only thing I’ve found is a light mist spray from a distance gives a water displacing coating on frames without getting into bearings. But less harmful and as effective… Furniture polish. Pledge, Mr Sheen etc. ;). Seriously! And makes it smell nice 😀

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