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  • markyboy

    Anyone know if gt or inners are rideable after all the trees down.

    Did both at the weekend.
    Inners is fine, couple of trees on the way up to walk around and a few branches on the trails but nothing major.

    GT is worse, we tried to go up the fire road to the spooky wood climb as pennels vennel was closed but the whole forest appears to have fallen across it. We went back down, up the blue fire road and climb and then headed back down the rest of the red. You basically miss spooky wood and the one after it.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    7 stanes website has regular updates and I think gt still has a number to call and check.


    We climbed up the fire road from the Buzzards to the start of the black boundary trail,some trees down but passable. No trees at all on the black descent

    Premier Icon Northwind

    All you could hear was chainsaws on monday, tons of clearing going on. The diversions were pretty well organised but I’m sure there’ll be more open now so I’ll not get into that too much.

    Zoom or Bust had a couple of trees over the trail but also some uprooted trees right by the trail so I think they’ll probably keep that closed til that’s all cleared- trail surface was a little damaged.

    Fort descent if you know it had one big broadleaf right over it which I cut away enough to make it pushable but not ridable (my arm wore out before I was done!). Someone’s probably fixed that by now.

    Premier Icon laraichean

    Yep, Fort descent now cleared by some kind soul. And a cracking trail it is too.
    Road from buzzards towards spooky etc is still a jungle, don’t even think about going up that way.

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