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  • stoddys

    How many holes is the xt hub please.

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    its 36 holes.



    Shame. Could you fill 4 please. 🙂

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    I’m selling my old GT ave after many years of happy service as upgrading to 29″ carbon loveliness

    Is a Large (20″) Avalanche Pro 2007 -not available in the UK, I got as a replacement for my 2006 Pro. Pretty light by standards of the time. Headset included – bearings regreased, life left in it yet. The frame itself is very very used looking as you would expect for a frame w/ 6yrs of riding. Many many chainmarks.

    The forks are Recon 351s from 2006. 130mm Uturn with normal spring. For their age in good condition. They were neglected for the first 3 years of their life before I learned how/why to look after my forks. Since then they have been well cared for, though there is a little bit of corrosion pitting around the oil seals in the lowers. The stanchions have a few little chips in the coating, hopefully highlighted in the pics. many chips/scrapes/marks on the crown and lowers. Like the frame, very used, but for their age most of the marks are cosmetic.

    £120 posted for both together, all offers considered, not sure about prices splitting, need to consider postage. Based nr Ripon, would travel to meet as prefer selling frames/forks in person so buyer can examine.

    Many close up pics here

    Also for sale.

    Commencal Bars 660mm, Raceface stem 90mm (both none oversize variety), £10 posted each or £18 for both.

    Commencal Meta 5.5 mech hanger 07-09 (i think, the old one) new in packing, unused tenner posted.

    GXP BB, virtually new, was fitted to a bike just to confirm cranks were the cause of wobble. They were, they got binned, BB is for sale, also comes with a used SS one in red, which was on the way out bearings on one side, but might make a good emergency BB. Not charging for that, its just included as its that or bin it. £15 posted

    Shimano FH-M756 rear hub, which I’ve realised I will never use. reasonably new freehub, and bearings. £15 posted.

    Atom labs rim of some kind, no idea what, id of 25mm, 36h, 26″ pretty tough looking. Spent a short amount of time on a wheel, but quickly removes as is a stupid massive rim for the riding I do, don’t really know why I bought it tbh. £15 posted.

    Wheelset, Sun Ringle rims, original commencal front hub (seen very little use), replacement halo spin-doctor on the rear. Front wheel only lightly used as replaced with 20mm capable wheel when bought. Back wheel seen a fair bit of use, but rebuilt 18 months ago w/ new spokes, not much use since then. 75 posted. Please note cannot send these until my new 29″ wheels land with me, as I need those boxes to pack them. Should be a couple of weeks max.

    Pics for these also in this set. Offers considered especially for 2 or more items.

    email in profile. Prices are not inclusive of Paypal fees, please add relevant amount before paying. Questions, request more info/pics welcome. Thanks.

    If you were less of a giant I’d have had the GT off of you 🙁

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    I thought that! Its not massive, but it is probably too big for you I’m afraid, other wise would have been good bike for what you’re looking for.

    Aye, wouldn’t have been bad. Though something with rack mounts would be handy too. I think it’s going to be the Inbred way for me…

    Still got the Commencal Meta mech hanger? Cheers.

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