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  • Grrrr angles and lengths doing my head in!!
  • Current bike large nomad – trying to work out whether i need a medium or large titus ftm!! Anyone want to shed any light on this for me!!


    go large, fit short stem, thank me later.

    (or, go and visit the nice people at planetX – it’s just off the M1, and have yourself a little sit)

    Thats the current thinking only nag is the stand over height


    I’d say medium. The shorter TT won’t be felt as much as the head angle is steeper, so the bars won’t be coming back at you quite as much, especially with a few spacers underneath to compensate for the shorter head tube. The large may end up feeling too long if you like the Nomad how it is now.


    What are you trying to achieve?

    Same size as nomad?

    is the nomad the “perrfect” size, or just what you’re used to?

    How tall are you? What’s your riding style? In the saddle plod, then stand up for the downs or generally out of the saddle? is your preference for fit in or out of the saddle?

    Not going to compare reach and stack? IE how the bike feels standing up?

    6ft 2 on a good day

    33″ inside leg


    similar to me then.

    we’re the same height, but i’ve got longer legs.

    go large.



    ^+1 reach and stack is what you need so you know how the bikes fit whilst standing.


    I hope this is a purely speculative excercise. Why would you give up a Nomad for a Titus?!

    colin – because the gomad is too much bike for every day – i like climbing, that doesn’t 🙂 And i am not Alps bound this year like i planned to be!

    large with a shorter stem and bars which aren’t too wide…

    Erring on a large – just unsure of stand over height 🙁 No one seems sure where it is measured from!!


    What’s the issue with stand over? Just how many times do you actually stand astride of your bike and worry about it hitting your crown jewels?


    if you have excel knock yer self out

    bit good that!

    Premier Icon superdale

    Cruz – I ride a large Titus FTM – I am 6ft with 33″ IL and it fits perfect. I would say the medium will be too small for you. Maybe just be prepared to run a slightly shorter stem – I run a 90mm & inline seatpost.

    so 70mm stem and layback joplin on a large is spot on? what do you reckon to the ftm? any pix?

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