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  • Grizzly Adams has gone
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    2016 is really ticking me off. My childhood hero ‘Dan Haggerty’ has passed away from cancer aged only 74.

    Jeez FFS. Blooming well time to rewind back to 2015


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    FFS, why the **** can’t it be someone useless like bliar or macaroon? Always the nice guys….

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    Used to love watching Grizzly Adams when I was kid. Too many good people going this year.

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    I never knew they had a fundraiser for him to help with medical bills. Is freaking tragic that a person get’s to a point, that they can’t afford health care. I never even knew he had cancer!

    Help Dan Haggerty Fight His Battle with Cancer

    Blooming tragic (would like to use naughty words but it is not the done thing)

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    Who’s gonna look after Ben 😥

    I’ve still got the original Grizzly Adams vhs video, well watched and rewound!

    RIP Dan

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