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  • Mantastic

    Go big if you getting bar ends, the bigger the cooler you are

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    Cane Creek Ergo II.



    I have got a scale 920 and love the thing. I have come from 150mm full suss and I am embracing the XC thing At the moment and loving it.

    I have just cut the bars a little and it is feeling sweeter.

    Looking on t’interweb I was drawn to the Ergon grips to assist with longer rides, also quite fancy some bar ends.

    Does anyone use bar ends anymore or is this like saddles and socks?

    What set up including bar ends could anyone recommend ?

    I notice the racers and weight weenies seem to use foam grips and not ends, is this correct?


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    Saddles and socks? What’s wrong with that?

    I used to have Easton EC90 bar ends and they were very comfy and very light.


    Happily using ergon gp5 grips and barends on my commuting bike. They do a couple of different combos that may be worth a look.


    i use the ergon gp3 grips, they have made a big difference to my cycling, no more hand pain, when doing the longer rides over 35 miles, they give you various hand positions so you can move your hands around on the grips and they lock into position, best item ive bought for a while.

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    I fitted some of these [/url]
    for Sani2C, they made a difference and they’re still on the bike. The bars did feel a bit narrower though


    Are there any racers with bar ends – what is your set up?

    or is this a no no in the lycra clad world of racing?


    I’d always resisted bar ends on my XC race bike as didn’t really like the look of them. However, I put a pair on for a race in the alps that featured lots of long climbs and now I wouldn’t be without them. The extra hand position really seems to help.

    I went for the Mt Zoom ones from the XC Racer website, they weigh next to nothing and don’t take up much space on the bar


    I’ve got Mt Zoom on my flat bar road bike, but have used them on mtb – I really rate them, good for climbing and to alternate hand position to prevent arm pump/aching hands.

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    I ride/race 600mm wide bars with bar ends, both are KCNC. I have a very Euro setup though, YMMV.

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