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  • lilchris

    Here’s a question, I know on the MTB I often mix different front and rear tyres (Tread/Width/brand/etc) for their respective benefits, do people often do this on their Road bikes? or is the generally done thing simply having a nice matching pair of tyres?

    Giant do a Front/Rear specific tyre for their more expensive models.


    DezB – Looks pretty shit, but its only my road bike.

    BURN HIM!!!


    Mavic Yksion Pro Griplink are, well, grippy. They also have Powerlink for the rear. I find them to be very good in both 23c and 25c. They do come up quite narrow, but are a nice match to Open Pros.

    Schwalbe Durano S are my stock winter tyre. Good wear, good grip and low rolling resistance. I have raced them in wet conditions. Marathon are heavier and even more grippy, but also a good choice for commuting.

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    Don’t be tempted with any tyres that aren’t black (sidewalls excluded). The colour additive makes the tread less grippy.


    Currently Ribble are offering two Veloflex Open Corsas for £52, which is good considering that they are a stunningly superb tyre with 320 tpi and a grippy cross-hatched tread in soft sticky rubber. Pumped up to 110 they ride like a Pro 4 at 100 and in the apocalyptic rain on the Ride London 100 last Sunday they felt super-secure on wet polished London roads. I really do believe they are faster than my Pro 4s and they definitely feel more secure.


Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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