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  • Gripped by indecision… more travel or better stoppers ?
  • Conan257

    Give both a thorough service and have them both working as new?

    Here goes:

    Assuming those are fairly old but working XTR brakes, flog them over there -> and then buy the latest SLX brakes with the proceeds – mine stop me if I so much as brush my finger on the lever!

    10mm extra travel is nothing unless you feel your fork is too short already. Better to improve the fork performance with service/upgrade like PUSH or getting the latest damper fitted. Also worth getting the stanchions checked eh?

    Premier Icon althepal

    Get fork serviced and custom valves/tuned for your riding. Get bigger discs, bleed them, and poss sintered pads?
    Prob cheaper doing that than getting a new fork or new brakes.
    But also probably not as fun or exciting.

    Premier Icon thepurist

    Spend the cash on a day with Jedi/Beardy Ed/whoever, upgrading yourself to realise it’s not the brakes or forks that are limiting your riding?


    You can improve your brakes for very little by just fitting a large front rotor, new fluid, pads and bedding them in properly.

    Then just service your existing forks. 10mm travel you wont notice, proper rebound/compression and a lack of stiction you will.

    Then set them up properly to suit you and your riding.

    Thanks for the replies all

    I hadnt considered custom valves/tuning the fork, maybe a good idea… what is PUSH exactly ? not sure what that is

    As for the brakes they have had all the upgardes i can think of over the years… goodridge hoses, 203 rotor up front and bled by me and cytec mechanic… they work pretty well every time but just dont seem to have the power of newer brakes. Ridden a mates bike with the new XT brakes on and they were amazing. No matter what i do i cant 1 finger brake with them as they dont scrub off enough speed.

    I could shed some weight but thats not as much fun as buying shiney things for my bike.

    Had a session with Ed-O last year and it was worth every penny… made me much faster


    +1 thepurist

    Spend a day stripping the bike down to it’s bare bones and service/grease/replace worn parts.

    And older kit can be perfectly functional – you’re the one who needs skills sharpening to use them effectively.


    larrystumbles – Member

    Its time to spend some money upgrading my bike

    I don’t see why your brakes shouldn’t work 100% after a bleed/set-up/new pads.

    A DIY fork service can make a massive difference too.

    It just sounds like you have some money you want to spend but aren’t doing so wisely.


    As above, just sell your xtr brakes on here or ebay and buy some new xt brakes from rosbikes. I’ll doubt you’ll be much out of pocket if at all.


    Scrub your rotors with wire wool, clean them then bed in new pads.


    buy the latest SLX brakes with the proceeds – mine stop me if I so much as brush my finger on the lever!

    Thats what I found, crap modulation.


    id say sell the brakes as other people are advising, then but slx or xts, AND buy the forks.

    Not really spent anything major on my bike for 4 years now.. so yes there is definitely an element of wanting to spend some money on it whether its wise or not.
    My brakes do work, and have done so consistently well for that period.. . but the new XT ones i tried worked even better and 1 finger braking was easy even with 160 rotors front and rear.

    buzz-lightyear… thanks


    “crap modulation” = poor rider.


    4 years is a good ammount of time to keep kit you’ll get some money for the old forks as well, so that will either make it cheaper or mean you can spend money on some new bars or tyres etc.
    If you want to buy new stuff, just do it, ignore this lot telling you you shouldnt spend your money.

    Give it all a service and with the money saved book a weekend away somewhere. Doing stuff is always better than buying new tat surely 🙄

    Its time to spend some money upgrading my bike but i cant decide which upgrade will improve the ride experience the most… some new forks or new brakes ?
    Both could do with replacing if i’m honest but funds simply wont allow, so which do people reckon would have the most noticable impact ?

    Current forks are some well used but fully functional Fox 32 Talas RLC’s from about 2007/8. I fancy a pair of the new Marzocchi 44 RC3 Ti’s but not sure i’ll really notice the extra 10mm travel

    The brakes are XTR M975’s which have been super reliable but do result in hand ache on more challenging descents as 1 finger braking wont slow my considerable bulk quickly enough

    Any advice?

    iridebikes… my thoughts exactly!


    i’d buy new forks and brakes, service the old ones & start hunting the classifieds for a cheap frame to put them on.



    You “modulate” your brakes with your fingers.

    thomthumb… if i could afford both i would. Dont have enough cash sadly 🙁

    Guy, if you are having trouble stopping with m975s with goodridge hoses you are doing something wrong. Sure, the new shimano range are very very powerful but what you have is ample. Having said that, I would be changing more for ergonomic reasons than power, as the new lever shape is lovely to use and one finger braking is a joy. Modulation a plenty too if you have any modicum of coordination.

    You could run a bigger tyre on the front or a deeper bottom headset cup – would give you the same effect as 10mm more travel, geometry wise.

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