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  • Grip tape/improving brake lever grip
  • acjim

    Something a bit like this?

    I reckon you’d get on better with grip tape by heating it a little?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Give the levers a rub with 60 grit abrasive paper?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Self amalgamating tape works- you need to apply it tightly to stop it rotating though (never done it on a pushiron but I used to do it for motorbikes to stop the levers becoming bars of ice on winter commutes)


    Mmmm one of those unforgettable smells from my childhood…. Skateboard griptape 🙂


    Not an issue on the mtb as the levers are a better design so this is mostly for drop bar style levers on my CX bike and commute bike.

    I want to improve the grip for when it is wet/muddy. Various gloves and the grip is rubbish when the conditions are really bad.

    Tried a few basic grip tapes but they were all inflexible or not very sticky. Has anyone come across anythng and used it for this purpose or something similar. Either a textured or slightly rubberised tape would probably work but there doesn’t seem to be much out there. Park Patches are the closest I’ve seen but that would be an expensive way to do it.

    Google Plasti dip. Comes in many colours, in spray or a can to dip the levers in.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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