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  • Premier Icon NZCol

    Thank you just reminded me to go and download it

    Premier Icon nickc

    S’ok, American Idiot was clearly a career high-spot musically, as they seemed to have reverted back to the Sex Pistols book of Chords (not necessarily a bad thing). Still fighting the good fight, there’s 4 or 5 stand out tracks.

    7 (maybe an eight)/10.

    Anyone else enjoying it? Opinions?


    S’ok, American Idiot was clearly a career high-spot musically

    musically? commercially maybe.

    AI was musically ambitious AND they hit the zeitgeist. This one has some immensely hummable tunes but I find it has less impact overall, mainly due to less cohesive lyrics. I agree with 7/10.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Jeebus. Are these cretins still going. 😆

    They were churning out music for petulant eleven year olds back in the early nineties and almost two decades later they’re still regurgitating the same old dirge. 8)


    I actually prefer it to American Idiot. It is certainly easier to just listen to 1 song rather than a chunk and musically I think it is more like Warning.


    Dookie was the watershed, Punk bands should not play massive outdoor shows, headline festivals.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Dookie was the watershed, Punk bands should not play massive outdoor shows, headline festivals.



    I’m a big Green Day fan, but this album has me… whelmed.

    Premier Icon firestarter

    dookie is where its at 🙂

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    stop living in the past, dookie was when they were young, they have matured now and so has their music, i like the new CD, it has some instantly likeable track and some ‘growers’ but an 18 track 70 min cd these days with all the tracks very listenable (i.e. i don’t FWD over any and have put the lot on my mp3 player instead of selecting the best)is remarkable. i can’t wait to see them play it live ( and of course ‘basket case’) 🙂

    Premier Icon IdleJon

    Pigface – Member
    Punk bands should not play massive outdoor shows, headline festivals.





    Although it has to be said they’re better seen in smaller venues: Brixton Academy etc. And seeing Billie Joe run about whilst someone else plays guitar seems a bit odd to me….

    But then if you read back into their early days, they’ve ALWAYS been shunned and ridiculed by everyone. Not punk enough for the punks, too punk for everyone else. Maybe that’s what it’s all about: Not fitting in?

    If punk is about being “down with the moral majority; Warning” then by challenging your conventions they are truly punks.

    Who cares if they punks or goths or whatever – who gives sh*t, they clearly don’t. The music is very good BTW.


    I’ll be honest here, Basket Case is the only record I can say changed my life. I can remember where I was the first time I heard it…. I discovered a whole new music scene I never knew existed as a result, and some of the friends I made as a result are still with me.

    I want Welcome to Paradise played at my funeral. Mock me, I don’t care.

    I want Welcome to Paradise played at my funeral

    sid vicious’ cover of ‘my way’ for me… “regrets? i’ve had a few, but then again, too few too mention.”

    Premier Icon miketually

    *fires up Spotify*

    I could have pasted in the lyrics from any part of the new single, but this is particularly impressive…

    I need to find a place to hide
    You never know what could be waiting outside
    The accidents that you could find
    It’s like some kind of suicide

    So what ails you is what impales you
    I feel like i’ve been crucified… to be satisfied…

    When I heard it I thought it was a joke. It sounds like it was written by a particularly inept and inarticulate 9 year old.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    It sounds like it was written by a particularly inept and inarticulate 9 year old.

    Pretty much their target market


    As opposed to “proper” of punk band lyrics…

    “Standing at a party talking to a bloke
    Said he fancied me, I thought it was a joke
    But when he tried to kiss me
    I thought it time ti hide
    Tried to find the bog and lock myself inside

    “Never made it, never made it, never made to the bog in time….”


    Heard the new album on Sunday.
    Nothing wrong with it particularly, but it offers nothing new and hardly any tracks stand out IMHO. I don’t dislike it, but I’m not excited by it either tbh.
    My brother who’s CD it was and who is a big Green Day fan, was a bit disappointed too.

    Basket Case and Good Riddance the two stand-out tracks for me. I enjoyed American Idiot but not entirely overwhelmed by it. I reckon I will be the same with the new ‘LP’.

    I am sick of them going all ‘Bono’ and banging on about environmental issues and the like though. You are a punk/rock band just concentrate on that lads.

    I agree that the lyrics are quite weak on this one. Fortunately the tunes are great!


    RE: big venues, Greenday totally rocked Milton Keynes Bowl, I’ve never seen a show man like Billie Joe sonce or before, he totally commanded the entire place.


    Punk doesn’t have to mean crap lyrics. Check out Million Dead or Franky T’s solo stuff..

    it was the strangest thing today
    i saw new footprints in abandoned pathways
    beneath forgotten undergrowth something stirring again
    you were a single red blood cell
    but i lost you in this knot of capillaries
    but you were bringing me oxygen when i needed it most in the smoke.
    and you were always as far as mongolia, as close as my clothes
    your presence pervading, but it still never shows
    as close as the answer i never quite know, or can’t quite remember
    your distance insidious, as soft as a blow
    your shadow is with me wherever i go
    it’s on the tip of my tongue but still i never quite know, or can’t quite remember
    i don’t quite remember
    the forced proximity of a million different mike leigh movies
    makes me long for the fresh air of a familiar face
    and not the violence of loneliness, nor the unease of surrounded seclusion
    i keep nearly missing you around corners and in passing trains
    and if i’d known that you weren’t so far away
    that you were never that far away
    i could’ve rode this train smiling.


    Edit: But yeah Green Day are shite.


    Green Day are now classed as sell outs like the chillies, U2 and Oasis.

    Find an album that sells loads and then repeat the next 2 or 3 albums with the same sounds.

    Shame as Dookie and American Idiot are so different but 21st CBD is American Idiot rebadged IMO.


    Hope all of you know Pinhead Gunpowder.

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