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  • Great traditional pub grub Liverpool? or alternative…?
  • Will be going for the first time ever to Liverpool a week Monday. I’m 47, lasted this long, but finally it got me. Want to make it memorable for the good lady.

    Just fancy a bite, beer and relax around tea time in a nice trad pub, or open to a non restricting restaurant, any recommendations?

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    Last time I went to Liverpool 10 years ago i didn’t eat all weekend. Good times!

    Great place, enjoy!


    It’s not a pub but I have always had an amazing time at Sapporo Teppanyaki grill. Japanese food served with panache and a lot of fun…a very different meal out if you want that! There are videos of what they get up to preparing the food…

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    Or just down the road from Sapporo there’s The Munro, gastro pub.


    The Phil.
    End of.
    Best pub in Liverpool, bar none.
    Sunday name is The Philharmonic Dining Rooms, but nobody uses that name.
    Great beers and good food.
    A gents toilet right out of the 1860s. Its not unknown to see women in there just going for a look at the marble and ceramics.

    On Hope Street which runs between the two cathedrals. Take a cab and just as for The Phil. He’ll know it.


    We went last summer and went to Clockworks. Gastro pub/bar but the food was AMAZING.

    Just slightly off the main drag but still close to hotels etc.


    Have one in the “Fly in the Loaf” oldies will remember it as “Kirklands” I am looking at it now from my office window! Its only 100yds from the Phil so you can have a drink in both.

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    Drink White Rat in the Dispensary.

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    Go to my cousins pub, the Baltic Fleet.

    Proper pub.

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    The ship and mitre sounds like exactly what you’re after to me

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