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  • trail_rat

    riding down the road to my local gym for a swim, riding the cycle path – the painted on the road type.

    approaching a traffic island in the middle of the road – sat 3 or 4 inches in from the cycle path dashed line – as the chaos up here means that for a car to pass the traffic island they have to be fully in the cycle path and you get squeezed out.

    Old beemer comes up behind and starts honking horn and shouting foul abuse out his window at me – approaching a speed camera i took my 42:14 gear up as fast as i can get it on a slight down hill – reckon i was doing 30-35mph and he went tearing past me still giving it horn – FLASH goes the 30mph camera.

    just hope it had film , the abuse continued as i passed him sitting stationary in traffic to which he got a nice cheery – enjoy your traffic jam.

    Got off the roads pronto. Made me laugh though


    LOL Nice one.let's hope he gets the N.I.P. in his post soon!!


    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    The question is what would George have done? 😆


    george would have done the same but at 45mph and made him eat dust ….

    Premier Icon Nick

    Nice, bit like the other morning when a bell-end in a golf overtook me in a 30 zone (I was doing 30) and sped off into the distance. About 10 minutes later I caught up with him in traffic and actually went past him on a roundabout, he wasn't concentrating as he was on his phone and didn't see the police car waiting at the lights on the roundabout.

    So he follows me right up my chuff onto the dual carriage way, I noticed the flashing blue lights so pulled over, he goes past me, then sees the lights and pulls in ahead and slows down.

    Police car pulls in behind him and turns off blues, I watch them drive off and as I take the next exit the blues come on, just as the hardshoulder starts 🙂

    I was biking home from work a year or two ago and saw a car run a red light and nearly clean up a cyclist, it amused me greatly that the car behind him was a Police car 🙂


    Ah i had a lovely commute without drama. mary bar bliss with van hallen blasting.


    Nice one.

    I saw George at the weekend…

    Not cycle related but the other day I had a chump right on my boot as I was driving through a 50 speed single carriage way bit (Doing 50/55), when it broke to dual carriage I gave it some gas and left him out in the outside lane not overtaking anything. About 5 minutes up the road the speed camera van is normally parked up on a Friday afternoon and yes it was a Friday afternoon. I slowed down and the chump came hurtling past me only to go over the hill and be in full view of the van. My speedo was reading 75 (GPS reading 70) so he must have been going at least 85. I was smug!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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