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  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    no, Can’t be arsed with all that. Why should I? I want it to **** work for £110!

    Nicely flounced there, part of what you pay for is backup and support with kit. Every manufacturer has issues. They might have just sent you a new jacket or repaired it FOC.


    maybe you’re right, I should buy quality and then send it back cos it’s shit. I wanted to use it for a weeks holiday, but it broke 2 days before. and couldn’t be arsed waiting about. so got a cheap zip put on it. I wouldn’t have had to do that if it actually worked. it’s a zip FFS! anyway, pished me off. That’s my experience, YMMV.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Now going through their seventh winter & the sole hasn’t fallen off like every pair of Shimano disco slippers I’ve had.


    Aldi winter gloves from 2007 . Best glove ever

    Garmin gps -‘edge 205 and later 500 great bits of kit that just work

    Premier Icon cp

    Garmin 800
    Minoura repair stand
    mt-81 waterproof shoes
    endura singletrack shorts
    scandal 29er


    Lately, a pair of new Specialized RBX Comp bib shorts. Their fantastic pad fully protected my undersides on a usually chafeworthy sportive on Saturday.


    Patagonia capilene crew, r1 pullover and traverse jacket. I have used this system, in various combinations, for xc skiing down to -15, to mtbing during the summer heat and everything in between. All for just over £100 from the patagonia outlet store. Whilst still not cheap, it is very good value for money.

    Reba Forks
    Elixir brakes
    Big Wheels
    Track pump
    work stand
    lots of tools.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Aldi winter gloves from 2007 . Best glove ever


    Indestructible and perfect for most winter rides. Not bad for £4.

    Also +1 Reverb.

    And Crossmax SX wheels / Maxxis Exo tyres (tubeless) combination is spot on for all mountain shredding. I’d have forgotten what punctures are if I didn’t have any other bikes.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    schwable marathon plus tyres on the commuter 1000s of miles through the mean, glass strewn streets of london and not a single puncture

    track pump, from decathlon, took me ages to get one, all those the wasted strokes!

    hydrapak plug and play adaptor so i can use my hydrapak bladder with a camelbak tube n bite valve #bestofbothworlds


    Chrome long merino wool socks. Worn all winter on and off road. And now in the summer too.

    IceToolz ball ended allan keys. Multitools have their place, but a proper set of keys is much better.

    Garmin 200: All you need from a bike computer (as opposed to a HR and power meter) and the GPS is much better than my 500.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    Oakley Factory Pilot gloves – £16 great for XC and trail use.
    ODI locking last brilliantly an don’t slip.
    XT brakes – 3000 miles in not touched them aside for 4 sets of pads.
    Shimano cable cutters 23 years old and still brilliant.
    Park tools – all the ones I have are ace.
    Turner Bikes – you pay for and get quality.
    Santa Cruz – as above.

    Less impressed by Racing Ralph’s (snakeskin)
    Standard Conti Cross Kings
    Intrepid shorts – very pretty but the stitching g around the crotch is woeful.
    GorePhantom jacket – the middle cargo pocket need to be beefier as it sags a lot.

    Premier Icon bruneep
    rob jackson

    Rockshox Reverb and chunky monkey 2.4 tyres run tubeless!

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Disc brakes. Still. 14 years afetr I first got some.


    Lusso roubaix 3/4 knickers have been ace on the cold early morning commute.
    Answer Fall Line Gloves are simply brilliant for my hands and are somehow great for almost all four seasons, they only lose it in the depths of winter.
    Shimano winter boots… coz everyone needs a good pair of winter boots.


    Another vote for the Reverb. So far it’s been ace.

    My road bike has been a brilliant investment too as has some of the Scott roadie gear that I’ve picked up cheap; the pro level bibs are great and so is the windproof gillet.

    Premier Icon christhetall

    Garmin 800
    Giro Athlon

    And, of course, a 29er


    Garmin 705
    Assos bibs (still no equal for the most demanding usage)
    SKS p35 Mudguards


    Thomson Seatpost, no issues, no dramas, no fuss. Only other seatpost that comes close was an original syncros one.
    Any Shimano SPD pedal, again they just work without any fuss.
    Fox 2008 Float 32 RLCs. Still going strong with less than recommended maintenance. Again they just work.


    Giant Anthem 2010 – my first MTB… where it all started
    iGotU GPS logger and Strava/Veloviewer – motivation and exploration
    Sealskinz waterproof socks with AM41s – keeps me riding all winter
    Rebas – transformed by GT Avalanche
    Dealextreme/Lightmalls XML torches – night riding on the cheap


    Original Camelbak MULE. Still my favourite pack for 3 season cycling.

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    Gore Phantom – years old and still the most versatile bit of clothing I’ve ever owned

    WTB Pure V saddle – the fact I’ve used one for 10 years plus and never notice it says a lot

    Reverb – couldn’t live without one now


    Endura MT500 Jacket


    Mucky Nutz Front Fender Bender
    Osprey Raptor backpack
    Thule Roof/Bike Rack


    tubeless kit
    ks dropzone
    Park track pump


    Lululemon Big chief bike shorts

    I have 3 pairs, 6 years old now and I dont imagine I will ever need to buy any other shorts in my lifetime

    Premier Icon The Pinkster

    Another vote for the Reverb here.

    Also, X9 2×10. Can’t ride any of my 3×9 bikes any more ‘cos it just feels weird and I can’t find the right gears. 2×10 just feels so much more natural.

    Time Z Control pedals – moving to these from SPDs sorted out a whole load of knee & thigh pains I was getting. Been using them for years now and they just keep on working and not clogging with gloop.

    Up until this weekend I’d have voted for the Fender Bender as well but mine started rubbing on the tyre on every big landing or step this weekend and was driving me mad. Can’t work out why as it’s been fine for the last couple of years……


    NOT my Gore Phantom 2 jacket.Great jacket apart from Zip broke. you’d think it’d be good to go for that money, I saved ages to buy that jacket thinking it’d do me fine.. had to get a £12 replacement zip put in. if I wanted a shit zip, I’d’ve bought a shit jacket. Nice one Gore. I am now a beacon of bad words for Gore, from my one first experience of their stuff

    This happened to mine after 1 year. Emailed gore. told me to take it to evans cycles where i bought it and got given a brand new one.Awesome service

    29er – finally a bike that fits me

    Deore disc brakes – cheap but just work and hardly require any maintainence

    Decent kevlar tyres that makes tyre fitting/removal so much easier

    Premier Icon tommyhine

    Joe Blow Track pump
    Bike stand
    Maxxis Ardents

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Dakine Nomad Pack “normal” ride pack. Allows me to properly obsessively compulsively organise.
    Osprey Helios “v.big” ride pack/hill walking daypack. 10 years old and still perfect.
    Osprey Hydralics Reservoir – super nice and easy to fill.
    Hope Pro II hubs – just work.
    Stans Flow Rims – make your tyres a nice shape.
    Howies Outback Jacket – ace UK conditions winter jacket.
    Howies Jacket/Gilet – used mainly as a Gilet
    Cheap TMARS dropper – a revelation.
    Shimano AM45 shoes – perfect for UK condition 9 months of the year.
    Shimano MW80 boots – for the other 3 months.
    Fox Incline Gloves – no fuss but last well and fit right.
    Topeak Mini 8 multitool – just right.

    Premier Icon dawson

    Another vote for Gore Phantom
    Shimano XC50N have been good too

    Premier Icon seadog101

    Time ATAC pedals, bought so long ago I don’t even remember when. So simple, nothing to go wrong, and never clog up. Perfect.

    A Decathalon Back pack for £13 – I do remember buying that in 1998. Now on its umpteenth bladder, and hanging on in there, just.


    Gore Phantom 2
    Hope Pro2/magic 819 UST wheels
    New Deore Brakes
    North wave Celsius – felt very smug with the crap winter we’ve had!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Ooh- Perfect Curve Glacier gloves. Came slightly too late- already frostnipped my fingers riding through last winter- but they’re nigh on miraculous in the cold. Do make your hands smell horrendous though.


    Endura Helium Jacket
    Hope socks
    Endura Humvee shorts
    510 boots
    ODI Ruffian grips


    OS maps.
    Hope Pro 2 hubs.
    The XTR rear mech that I had from about 2003 that lasted 100s and 100s of miles until a crash wrecked it.

    Skins compression bib tights.


    Hope Hoops
    Formula The One brakes
    Specialized Pitch
    Fox 36 Vans
    Reverb (for £130 😉 )
    Superstar flat pedals
    Dakine Nomad
    Pedros tyre levers

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