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  • Great House Giveaway – C4
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    Just finished watching all 20 episodes in series 1 and I cant help but think how many people in the series wasted this opportunity!

    Did anyone else watch the show? It was shown on C4 at 1600 but is on catch up now.

    Although sometimes when they worked out the fees at the end how they got the amounts was also surprising! Hopefully there will be a series 2!

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    Yup watched the show, drive past one of the houses regularly, lots of people think it’s easy and everyone can do a fast quick money maker turn around. You can’t if you don’t have the skills or common sense and that’s why good trades are very busy and make good money. I felt sorry for the people who got a Welsh Chapel to have a go at. And yes some people were just making bad decisions and didn’t work hard enough.
    Simon O’Brien had a great cycle cafe/ bike shop in Liverpool about 20 years ago. It didn’t last long sadly he was way ahead of his time.

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    That looks right up our street – so to speak – but disappointingly you can only get the last few episodes on catchup? I’ll have to keep my eyes open for it coming back on More4.

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