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  • Great Divide Race – updates?
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    Have been following the Tour Divide here since it started 9 days ago. But the Great Divide Race is also well under way now, and I haven’t found any blogs or reports covering it – any ideas?


    Nothing on mtbr and MTBCast as far as I can see, so maybe no racers this year?

    Tour Divide taken over now?


    Tandem team holding third in the tour divide


    steve and alan in 6/8th this morning last time i looked

    Jay and Tracey are unstopable ! curiously did they also use the tandem for iditarod. I wasnt able to follow that as i was living in hostels with expensive internet !


    I’m still in awe of Jenn doing it last year!

    The idea (implied by the comments she posted/phoned in at the time) that she’d have smashed the Singlespeed AND the Womens records by even more than she did if she’d ridden on the day she had dissentry rather than wait a day tells you just how tough a cookie she is!
    I’ll check out this years bunch of nutters.

    One day I want to ride the Gt. Divide race looks like a special kind of fun!


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    No specific phone ins – simplifying race. Read all about it!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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