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    Don’t use the Copper grease.

    You need standard LM Grease. It’s available cheaply at most Motor Factors and the specification is way better than bikes need.

    I use it to grease everything that moves on my bike including wheel bearings.


    No copper grease? Even on pedal threads or crank axle joints?

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    Oh Sorry – yes use it on threads and anywhere else you don’t want to seize up. I meant don’t use it on revolving bearings 😆

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    And if it’s clunking that sounds more like a bushing than a bearing…


    Well, whatever it is i’m hoping that it wont be ther tomorrow post service.

    So, Lithium Grease is what i need?

    Anyone disagree….


    Maybe the Lithium-Moly grease (labelled as CV joint stuff) as it’s a bit more universal and plastic safe. Very dark and messy though.

    Or if you want waterproof look at the CL (calcium) grease.

    3rd one down:

    It could be shock bushings. I’ve just had them changed on my Spicy after 6 months to stop the clunknig and it’s worked.


    For me

    Copaslip on anything that doesn’t move but you want to take apart, loctite on critical bolts that you don’t undo often, grease on moving parts

    I use castrol LM



    Funny ‘clunk’ from the back (so far as i can tell) of the Mondraker Dune today whenever i land a jump or big hop. Pretty sure it wasn’t there before but i may have just missed it. Checked the pivots for play/loosening and all as should be.

    Anyway, gonna take this as a sign and completely strip it all down, clean and regrease it. It’s only 5 months old but i’m off to France soon and it has been a wet 5 months!

    Got some copper grease lying about for bits that don’t move but what should i be using on bits that do?

    Anything good, and cheaper, at a motor factors?

    It’d be great if i could also use it to re grease bearings so something light i guess.

    Mostly for BB, Pivots, Headtube, Axle etc.

    I searched but came up with NOWT using the search button.



    Bushings after 5 months!? Surely not.
    There is also zero excess detectable play anywhere. Hence the strip and clean as I’m out of ideas as to a location!

    Thanks for the grease info though.


    So, complete clean and rebuild done. Stripped the entire bike back to a bare frame.
    All bearings, pivot bolts, bushings/spacers and what not completely checked and in perfect order. Zero play from any point in the system.

    Thought I was onto a winner.

    Still have z clunk. Not when I compress the travel fully with wheels on the ground but when the rear wheel contacts the ground post bunny hop, endo or jump. Can also be heard when dropping the rear from a height.

    I say heard because it all feels normal, ie….no clunk felt. Only heard.

    The only thing to have changed is that the shock just came back from mojo after a retune. Well, a re retune as it was not working the 1st time I got it back.

    Could it be my fox float r pro pedal internals?


    I think the title is now.confusing and off topic…….may start another post!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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