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  • simon side

    How about wearing what complies with the rules? Problem being different organisers have different rules. Steps are afoot(apparently) to get one set of rules for UK (BC sanctioned) enduros. Until then select your headgear wisely.
    Oh by the way, TP 2009, open faced helmet(Xen), full gloves no kneeguards.. 😉


    I took both last year but always wore the open face. I very nearly regretted it. Had a big off after clipping a stump and landed face first. Somehow managed to walk away with just light grazes. It could easily have been worse. Someone else hit the same stump and definitely looked to have come off worse.

    This year I’ll be taking both but unless it’s very slow and muddy will probably go with the FF. I’m old and don’t heal quick anymore.

    I noticed in a video of one of the Italian races many racers use both. Open with the FF on the backpack for the transitions and FF with the open on the backpack for the stages.


    I doubt many of the riders who’re actually trying to win wear them tbh. It’s the folk in the middle who have no chance of winning but are pushing themselves past their skill level who might find them useful.

    Thats me then.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    That’s most people in these races tbh 😆 Definately including me.


    All about the giggle factor 🙂


    i wear a urge arichi-enduro and its bloody brilliant…850 grams really vented…feels really nice and it doesnt restrict ur vision at all!

    I wear an urge down o matic with no goggles for enduro stuff and just sling the goggles on for freeride stuff. I prefer the ff as it gives a feel of security. ( also a friend of mine had a serious off at glen tress and sustained a serious head injury while wearing a pisspot lid)

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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