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  • Gravity dropper vs reverb
  • Well I’ve managed to get all my orders out and should be able to award myself a bit of a bonus – I reckon the ragley ti deserves a dropper post for Christmas and I’m torn between the two. I can get past the looks of the gravity dropper and they still seem to hold the reputation for most reliable dropper post (this is more important to me than looks TBH)

    I know its been done to death but I would be especially keen to hear from anyone who may have had, or tried both which do you prefer and why?

    if you buy a GD over a reverb then you are officially mentally ill. Thats all.

    OK – I’ll bear that in mind , ta 🙂

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    Gravity Dropper still seems to be the most reliable, and is certainly the most servicable. Snap a reverb hose or mount and you’ll find it relatively hard to get parts or bodge it, break a GD cable and every bike shop in the world has the parts. It’s also lighter, and available in 5 inch drop if you’ve got the right seat tube. Service it with a bit of kitchen roll, some allen keys and some grease.

    But still,the Reverb’s reliable enough to not worry too much, except in specific circumstances (the under-seat union’s very allergic to some uplifts!) so though it’s bad news if it fails, no reason to expect it will.

    But frankly, I’d buy a KS before a Reverb… The old one comes in 6 jnch drop and is very solid and a little cheaper, and the Lev seems to be doing OK and has the better cable location. Not to mention that both are cable so have a lot of the advantages of the GD. KS really seem to have learned from their mistakes, they weren’t very good at first but now I trust my i900 as much as my GD.


    I’ve got both. Had the GD for 3 years and it is fairly reliable but has let me down on a few occasion. When it has let me down I have been able to fix it easily on the trail or at least get it to stay in one position. Unlike a failure the the hydraulic ones. very easy to servive and GD are very helpful if you need help.
    The Reverb is 6 month old and has been faultless although it’s not had the abuse of the GD. It is much slicker to use which makes me more likely to use it for short sections and adjust when in a section. With the GD it was not always easy to do so.
    In short I’d choose the Reverb unless you ride every day in harsh conditions.


    yeah you’d be insane to buy a GD costing the same as a Reverb. and you’d be insane to buy a Reverb with all its oil and air to go wrong. So buy one of those GD clones like a MARS on here recently for £75? dunno but i’ll be trying one.

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    I’m getting a ks lev for Christmas in the hope that actually, that’s the one to go for.

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    I think the best bet allround’s probably the i950 tbh… But once I get my frames sold I’m buying a Lev, because I’m a tart.


    The Reverb will drop down further and can be set at any height.

    Being tarty it also looks nice, the GD does look shite.

    You may find the GD wont go down far enough for you, as my mate found out in the Alps. He has to lower it, but then it dosent come up far enough.

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    GD is available in 5 inch drop in the larger sizes, which is what most reverbs are 😕 And Reverb isn’t available in 27.2 so that’s 4 inch drop vs none at all.

    Thanks guys – all good stuff. Oscillate wildly’s reasoned and well thought out argument nearly swung it TBH 🙂 but now I don’t know.
    The tmars looks interesting at the price but only seems to be available in 31.6 (which is what I need) from ebay and the sellers return policy (ie “no returns accepted”) doesn’t inspire confidence, £70 doesn’t seem such a bargain if it doesn’t work!
    A quick Google says no i950 in remote flavour available – though there seem to be some i900’s (what’s the difference?)

    Tmars available in 27.2, then suitable shim.

    I have a GD and it is excellent and been fault-free, but needing 27.2 I had limited choice. For the same money and not being limited by diameter I wouldnt have even considered it.


    I had an i950, it failed early on, I sent it back for service which took a long time, in the meantime i bought a reverb and sold the i950 when i got it back, reverb has been great!

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