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  • Gravel groupsets and MTB hubs: any compatability issues to avoid?
  • Premier Icon djflexure

    Looking at a gravel frameset with 15×100 front and 12 x 142 rear axle standards.

    Anything stopping me repurposing a 29er wheelset?

    How do the sram/ shimano cassettes play with hope mtb freehub?
    Any disc brake alignment issues – the frame has a flat disc brake mount?


    Premier Icon djflexure

    or can gravel groupsets (rival, apex) use mtb casettes?

    Premier Icon AdamT

    There are some issues. I got a set of 29er wheels but needed a new freehub to allow 11spd road cassettes to work. Cassette depth is different between road and MTB.

    Edit: dt Swiss hubs with Shimano cassette

    Premier Icon sillyoldman

    Normally would be limited to wider spread cassettes, but Hope run road width free hubs, so you can use any Shimano cassettes – wide spread (34T+) would need the spacer behind the cassette, tighter options run without spacer.
    No problem with brake alignment.

    One;y issue might be with lighter rims if you’re planning on being able to run smaller volume road tyres at higher pressures at all.

    Premier Icon clubby

    SRAM gravel group sets use MTB cassette and spacing so you should be ok.
    SRAM 1x road used XD-r road spaced cassette but can use normal XD cassette with a spacer.

    Premier Icon kelvin

    In you have Hope hubs, you’re laughing.

    Premier Icon swanny853

    *hope hubs pro2 evo 40t or newer, isn’t it? Pretty sure my old evos won’t take a normal roadie 11s cassette.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    I run Sram Rival 1x with Chris King mtb hubbed wheels and an XTR 11spd cassette with no issues at all.

    Plays fine with flat mount calipers as well.

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