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  • Gravel bikes for smaller riders
  • Premier Icon PrinceJohn
    Free Member

    I want a new bike, but it’s my partners turn to have one first.

    As she’s looking for a gravel bike I need to keep putting shiney things under her nose until she buys one.

    So what’s out there that will suit someone of around 5’2″

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg
    Full Member

    Liv do XS frames, my GF is 5’2 and rides a small framed liv gravel bike. Sml sonder camino’s come in small too

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
    Free Member

    +1 on Liv. We’ve a 2016 Liv Invite in XS for mrs_oab.

    I’m on record for this as well – small hands and drop bar shifters didn’t work in our experience. This was reach to levers and angle to push in to change gear. Mrs_oab went flat bar.

    Premier Icon tuboflard
    Free Member

    Kona Rove goes down to 48cm frame, should be small enough I think for 5’2”.

    Premier Icon qwerty
    Free Member

    Obviously she needs a full custom build in unobtanium & Enve.

    Premier Icon aP
    Free Member

    The niner RLT suits my 5’3″ partner. Key things are to consider stem length and choose drop bars carefully.

    Premier Icon n0b0dy0ftheg0at
    Free Member

    Maybe the XS in stock in two colours might suit and if you wanted a carbon fork, PX have some black “Selcof London Road” carbon flat mount forks going at £100 a piece.

    Premier Icon onewheelgood
    Free Member

    The Reilly Gradient comes down to an XXS. That may even be too small for 5’2″.

    Premier Icon PrinceJohn
    Free Member

    Thanks some good options there

    Premier Icon steve_b77
    Free Member

    Kids Racing HUP Evo takes 47x650b and is available from a 38cm upto a 54cm frame, well worth considering

    Premier Icon idiotdogbrain
    Free Member

    If she hasn’t had drop bars before, worth getting her to try some levers out for reach – my OH is 5’5.5″ but has really small hands, so she really struggled with brifters. Went to a rigid 29er with stock MTB groupset instead.

    Premier Icon littledave
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    I am 5’2″ on a good day (hence the username) and have ridden a range of drop bar bikes. My wife is 5’1″ and has no issue getting frames to fit.
    Everyone has different dimensions however 5’2″ is not likely to be smaller than available frames, most manufacturers will offer suitable sizes.
    The fit is likely to be S/XS or 48/50 depending on how sizing is described.
    As a reference point for a 5’2″ rider, I ride a Van Nicolas Zephry endurance road bike, 370mm reach and 470mm seat tube.
    For small riders sloping top tubes are handy to give some standover clearance.
    As stated by others lever reach can be an issue for small hands, some levers are adjustable so this is worth looking for.

    Happy shopping.

    Premier Icon martymac
    Free Member

    I have grx 600 brifters on my gravel bike, they have adjustable reach.
    Just for reference like👍👍

    Premier Icon s1m0n
    Full Member

    I’m 5’5 and ride a Vitus CRX in XS. Great fit for me but would probably suit someone slightly shorter.
    I thinK 650b wheels definitely the way to go.

    Premier Icon igm
    Free Member

    The higher end groupset’s adjustable reach is better than the lower end ones.

    Surprising I know.

    But worth knowing.

    Premier Icon cloudsin
    Free Member

    I would caution against the Kids Racing Hup evo – make sure you contact them to check suitability first and be warned, they are very aggressive if you ask for help

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