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  • Grant boiler oily smell?
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    Had this condensing boiler installed last week, oily smell when not in use. No external leaks on supply piping, possibly coming from exhaust/ air intake (balanced flue)
    Still awaiting OFTEC survey post installation, any ideas


    I would have thought that the smell should be coming from the supply as once it’s been burnt the oil isn’t oil any longer if you see what I mean.
    It only takes a very small amount of oil to create a fairly strong smell in a room.


    where is it located – we dont have any smell from ours – but its in a windy location – our old WB units at 2 rentals we were in both smelt bad during and slightly after use

    with our grant we had a heap of issues with the flexy hose from the rigid copper pipe to the fuel inlet – turned out they had given us the wrong threaded flexy – you have to get the specific grant one apparently if your using a tiger loop and need the bypass.

    take the front service cover off and look towards the bottom left – see if there are any pools of oil around.

    also its possible to get a leak between the copper and the plastic sheaf if they have bent too sharply or too many times.


    Most likely an oil leak, check the route of the oil line and also the nozzle line from the pump. And make sure the test plug on the oil pump is sealed.

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    Checked the pipe run, no pooling of oil either on floor or boiler tray. the pressure check point needed nipping up but that seem dry now.
    The smell does seem to be coming from the air pipe, unburnt fuel in combustion chamber. once running smell goes/ burnt off
    the feed pipe appears dry, when you say incorrect thread UNC to JIC or NPT?

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