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    I’ve loved most designs, mainly because the people behind them are doing it with passion, and want something different. Come on, how much is spent on the average Premier wendyballers tasteless monstrosity? My favourites so far have been the Pumping Station, (loooved that), the Apprentice Store outside Bath, and last nights. The Folly at Newport as well, if only for that staggering view, but I loved much that went into that house, especially little details like the restored windows. Criticising these builds because they cost a lot of money is pointless. OF COURSE they cost a lot of money, anything with a lot of time and materials is going to. Might as well do the same about a custom made bike frame, when you can pick up a perfectly good frame for £150. It does the same job, but it wouldn’t be custom or special to the owner, would it?


    The baby thing is all part of the nesting instinct. These lucky few get to do the nesting bit full on!

    They say that pregnancy can make you do some funny things – strange rituals and odd eating habits etc. Probably not the best time to be embarking on a hellishly expensive construction project!

    Quite amusing really.


    The worst for me, was the solicitors who ripped out the interior of a great looking Victorian Terrace to make one big open plan hole to live in!

    Loo without a door stuck between the living room and kitchen, from what I remember, class!

    Did like the fish tank wall though, which I think was from the same property?


    Criticising these builds because they cost a lot of money is pointless.

    That’s not the point; some think that those that have to watch the pennies result in a more interesting development than those that get the experts in to build up their dream. I’ve just remembered the one in France where an older couple did most of the work to restore a tower that had all but fallen down. Watching them work out how to do things was far more interesting than a load of pro builders getting on with their jobs. The end result may be interesting but the journey’s important in terms of the show.

    Didnt the No water mill, from a couple of weeks back have the smallest kitchen ever seen, if i remember correctly? Smaller than my first houses, which could have fitted into one room there. That man was a little eccentric to say the least.


    I thought the arch looked pretty good inside, but couldn’t help thinking that if it was mine I’d spend the rest of my life wondering if the inside of the arch would have looked better with the tiles laid at an angle. I think those brick railway / canal arches where the bricks are laid at an angle give fantastic spiralling/sweeping lines to their arches…


    I watched the re run of the old couple building the Hauf House?!? Ok it’s probably tame by GD standards, but there was something about the couple and their build.
    Liked the bit about it seeing them good for another twenty years, then looking at each other ‘ok ten then’
    They also filled the place with the belongings/their life, no instant interiors there.
    It was proper heart warming.

    Yeah I loved that one too – wasn’t he an artist/sculpter or something? Domolished what most would consider a pretty decent house to make it?

Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)

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