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  • Premier Icon tomhoward

    Ah, thought that was an ensuite!


    We’ve missed the important question though. What’s the beer like?

    Been trying to find if it is in the supermarkets.

    This relates to my question earlier, the taller one, who previously ran a marketing Company, was very good at marketing.

    Looked like every other house on Grand Designs to me, open plan big rooms, an underground bit with a grass roof and a bit above ground that looks a bit like an office but with a “feature” wall and one big window which must cost at least £30 000.


    made for dull telly, didn’t it

    I don’t know- the injured Army Captain’s house/project made me literally wince 🙁


    Was there a house bathroom

    Did I hear it was divided into separate zones? hmmm


    I’d definitely like a taste of Two Cocks


    “IdleJon – Member
    Oh and I need a micro-brewery of my own, now!”

    Try this:


    Scamper – Member
    Very interesting build, but come on, the view out of that window is just a bog standard field.

    It’s a farm near Newbury, in Berkshire; you were expecting herds of Wildebeast and gazelle, perhaps, or snow-capped mountains?
    Personally, I’d be more than happy to look out of my window and see that view every day, instead of the row of semi-detatched 1930’s council houses I look at every day.
    Having watched it right through properly, I can see why they went for non-local flint, for the uniformity of colour; that finished wall looks stupendous, and very much in keeping with buildings further south and in the south of Wiltshire, too.
    The sliding window is genius, I love it to bits, and the overall design of the exterior is terrific, it sits really well in its environment. The interior I mostly like, but that’s a really personal thing, and would change according to whoever was having it built. The beds? Meh, horribly over the top, but, they’re not architectural features, so not really important.
    I thought they were two really nice blokes, who’ve taken the bull by the horns, (literally, in this case), and made a huge lifestyle change that would challenge most people, and really made it work for them. And set up a brewery that seems to be proving successful too!
    As other have commented, the whole project worked perfectly because of the whole team involved from the very beginning; if I was fortunate enough to get that life-changing windfall, I’d employ exactly the same bunch of people to create a house to my personal specs.
    Excellent programme all round, I thought.
    Now to find some of their beer… 😀

    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride

    I really enjoyed it, not the normal smug pretend self build stuff, more open about pretty much everything.
    I’m still not keen on the capped priced contract builds though, it does not say a lot about the people paying for it other than they have money & are prepared to spend it, but each to their own.


    @count zero. No, not at all. I was expecting just a field, but not to have it described in such lushous terms

    Quite a house, wonderfully detailed.

    The massive, opening, feature window seems a bit of a trend this season. Both this and the cinema looked great but I’m really dubious that they’ll ever get opened – the UK really doesn’t often have the weather. Whenever we opened the (normal sized) back door on our last house the kitchen ended up full of leaves – doesn’t that just magnify if you open a whole wall?

    One thing that’s really bugging me at the moment is Grand Designs policy on blurring out company names. Seems completely inconsistent.

    They blurred out the number plates on the cars belonging to the ‘two cocks’ but not on Kevin’s hire car
    When the ‘two cocks’ were at the country show selling beer they blurred out the branding on their brewery polo shirts but didn’t bother later in the programme when they were clearly visible.
    They blurred out the branding on the back of the reflective vests the guys were wearing but didn’t bother on the glass company (Cantifix).
    When they went to the flint place the company name was blurred in the foreground of one shot but clear in the background.
    Just not sure why they bother.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    I don’t get the blurring either, although last night I assumed that they had blurred the farmers’ logos because they changed their business name part way through from Christmas Farm to Two Cocks Farm.

    In previous series it was a good indication if the job had gone tits up if the builder or architect had their name obscured.

    Those boys weren’t daft though eh? How much would it cost normally to get an hour long commercial for a micro brewery on TV? 😉

    I wonder how many supermarket buyers have been banging on their dirty entrance since wednesday?

    On balance, I liked the place. Looked awesome. Fitted the site. Glass wall was great.

    Interior, not my cup of tea. I just prefer less “open plan” houses and a bed with less curtains.

    Very dull episode though – nothing went wrong!

    As mentioned, absolutely fabulous hour long advert for their brewery, the canny buggers.


    I emailed the two lads to say thank you for a good prog/build. Why? I really like Grand Designs, most are an exercise in ‘why’ but some I find really entertaining and great. So why not?

    They actually emailed me back to say thank you.

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