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  • Premier Icon The Wrong Trousers

    “The end is extremely f***ing nigh !’
    Always makes me smile, specially as it’s been there getting on for 10 years and we’re still here

    Every time I see a ‘TO LET’ sign I have a very childish desire to put an ‘I’ in the gap!

    Nope I never did that. Nor did I ever change ‘No Parking’ to ‘SNotParkingson’. Granted the second one wasn’t very funny but I was only 10 when I didn’t do it.

    I also never wrote ‘SEX’ in as large letters as I could on a big wall right opposite the headmasters office in my first year of secondary school.

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    I liked the old Ministry of Sound “Lasts longer than a royal wedding” projection ~ can;t find any pics though 🙁

    Premier Icon tomaso

    My all time favourite is one that just read “Furious w@nkers”

    And the thought provoking “Himself unknown too late”


    On a condom machine in the Wetherspoons in Peterborough

    ‘Worst chewing gum I’ve ever tasted’

    Under which somebody else had written

    ‘But oh what bubbles!’

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    On Toilet wall,

    “Jesus Saves”

    underneath which has been added

    “But Cantona scores on the rebound!”


    PS. He should have been banned for that karate kick. Just saying like.



    Slightly off topic, but I saw this a couple of years ago:

Viewing 9 posts - 81 through 89 (of 89 total)

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