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  • GPS tracker/logger/recorder?
  • Have a windows phone so strava apps don’t really work and don’t always want to take a smart phone out, so looking for a gps tracker than i can start, throw in bag and then upload data when i get home.
    Can’t work out if it’s just me but there doesn’t seem much about – its mostly smartphone apps, watches or creepy magnetic car based spying devices…

    anyone any advice on what’s cheap, small and basic?


    garmin edge 20 for £80 would work, you would sync it to garmin via a laptop/pc,
    whereas the newer edge 25 would bluetooth sync to a smartphone/ipad.

    second hand on ebay may be the way to go

    Premier Icon simon_g

    £55 watch, nothing to stop you taking the straps off and chucking it in your bag. Or plenty of older Garmin running watches available secondhand which would do the job fine.

    Would probably be inclined to spend a little more and get the cheapest Mio, Lezyne or Garmin Edge 20 though.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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