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  • Premier Icon Mike_T

    Does anyone know of a free App that can download more than 500 track points without having to purchase the full copy? I only need it as a text or csv file.

    GPSU only supports 500 in the free version.

    My Etrax is full and i need to download the routes I recorded in Spain… 1400points.

    I’ve tried using a kea term to pull off the data but it only outputs real time data to the term.

    Any help guys……

    Premier Icon Stoner

    have you tried EasyGPS?


    Ages since I used it so details are a bit sketchy but look at GPSBabel


    Not sure if its right for you, but its free and tracks your entire ride, constantly/every 5 sec/every 20 sec/every 5min depending on how much battery you want, saves it so you can overlay on google maps, etc.

    You need A gps enabled windows mobile though

    Edit sorry just re-read what you wrote completely wrong, software… still useful programme if you have a chance to have a look at it!


    GPSU was only about £30 the last time I looked, don’t be such a skinflint 🙂

    Premier Icon Mike_T

    £30 to use it once…credit crunch….lol

    You would get 8 set pads from superstar or a tank of fuel for days


    GPSbabel will pull your track/waypoint/route info off your GPS, and will save to any number of formats. Theres a few GUIs about for it too.


    erm why don’t you use Garmin’s own Mapsource – free download from their website.



    It’s so obvious it hurts when you realize it. Reads many formats natively, or just translate your files to gpx via GPSBabel and do it that way. Most GPS units will export as GPX now anyway. Then you can export as kml and share it online via Google Maps.

    Intuitive editing, ease of use, it’s no contest. Too bad you can’t upload back to your GPS or it would be perfect.

    Here’s some fun stuff I did last year….

    For downloading, you should be able to just read your gps as an external device and drag and drop the data through your OS. Assuming you’re on Windows, there’s always a way to do it. Try the old “show hidden Files and Folders..” trick.


    Easy GPS is, as it says in the tin, really easy to use. You can edit the points aswell, and copy them into new files to sort the waypoints. I used it on a large commercial survey project recently, and it was ideal – could make new files minutes and share the GPX files quickly. worth a look.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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