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    As a multiple bike theft victim feeling aggreived and powerless that is compounded with an apparent lack of resource / effort / results from the Police I am considering what I can do if it happens again.

    Security is being upgraded but the thieves in my area do seem determined and devious, so if the inevitable does happen I want to be able to do something after the event other than kick or hit the nearest inanimate object and shouting bastards!

    I’ve seen this GPS tracker that slips inside your streerer tube – Spybike GPS tracker

    Its 110mm long and 23.5 diameter and slips down the steerer tube – you just need to smack your starnut right down far enough to fit the device.

    I am quite tempted but I have one query and as I lag slightly behind bike fashion with my old school bike with quaint novelties like 26 inch wheels and a straight steerer tube I wondered about compatibility with one of this fangled new tapered steerers? How far down could a star nut go before the internal diameter flares out?

    And has anyone got one?

    Will it withstand endless wet rides in the Lakes and failed river /ford crossing dunkings?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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