Got a job – other jobseekers, take heart

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  • Got a job – other jobseekers, take heart
  • So been on the job hunt since July.
    Spent countless hours typing out application forms and had 7 unsuccessful interviews. Very disheartening, especially when they don’t give feedback when requested.
    I’ll be honest, it affected me mentally – self worth takes a knock and trimming the sails financially really drops the head, you can’t look much into the future.

    However, today I finally got exactly what I was looking for – 3 days a week working for a charity, £5k more than I was on before and a tidy 16 miles each way on pretty flat (mostly) bike paths (Edinburgh->Inverkeithing)

    Can finally relax and exhale.

    I know there’s a few other folk on here looking for work, so I guess just to let you know that even though it can seem pretty hopeless…. it can work out.

    Also, have savings and eat vegetarian. Will get you through longer than you think!

    Can’t wait for a burger tonight!


    Many congratulations, and best of luck.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Nice one!

    Sounds like a sweet gig.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Well done 🙂

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Mrs Weeksy got one yesterday too after 2.5 months.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Can someone line me up with one?

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Well done that man…


    If anyone is an out of work civil engineer wanting to work in consultancy apparently we’re pretty keen for one (East Midlands, close to the good bikes in the Peak though).


    Congrats OP.

    I was in the same situation at the start of this year. Was a horrible 6 months of my life. Managed to get some part time work in a shop but that finishes after Christmas so will be back in the same boat come January. 😕

    Well done Hero!

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    Great news. All the best with it. First pay packet in time for Christmas.

    Aye, thanks guys.

    It’s for 10 months minimum so with my current austerity etc I’ll be able to rebuild the savings massively – just in time to be out of work again!

    I feel for you other guys looking for work – I know how hard it is intimately. I’ve often felt hopeless with it and in fact, had given up on doing applications and was just gonna deliveroo for a bit for beer and food money.
    Mental health was starting to get affected.

    This job was weird though – got knocked backed after interviewing for them for a marketing role but got a call asking me to look at another contract position they had on offer as I had technical skills they’d clocked in my initial interview.


    Great to hear. Been there. Horrible situation. Congrats


    Well done fella, ill keep an eye out for you zooming the other way to me in the mornings 🙂

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    Can someone line me up with one?

    We’re looking for voice / network engineers.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Excellent well done.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    A) Massive congratulations. Landing a job is a great feeling.

    B) Piemonster!!


    well done and good on ya. All the best in the new job.

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