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  • andrewh

    Ralphs, 2.25 should be big enough for rigid.
    Not a lot, one bottle on the bike, but have another in the feed stop, swap at the end of the first lap.


    Not done a race in ages and it’s been a while since I’ve had a working bike too. Planning on doing two laps (20 miles). Obviously fitness and skill will contribute about 90% to how well I do, but the little things I could do with seeing what STW thinks.
    -What tyres should I use on which wheel, out of the ones I own?
    I have a Schwalbe Fat Albert Front 2.4, Racing Ralph 2.25, 2 x Geax Saguaros 2.0 and a Continental Explorer 2.1 – all folding.
    Bear in mind I have a rigid bike.

    -How much water should I carry?
    It’ll be early May, will try to drink loads before rolling up to the start line, I won’t be using a Camelbak or some such, just two bottles in cages max.

    -Should I save weight by removing valve caps?


    For 20 miles you’ll likely be out for 2-3 hours so unlikely to get dehydrated. Don’t drink too much just before the ride you’ll just bloat – drink well the previous day. Don’t worry too much about tyres either unless it’s wet. Just ride what you’re used to so you know what they’ll do and how far you can push them.

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    Depends very much on the conditions, I’d probably go with the Ralph on the front (reading that as you only have one?) and the Geax on the back.

    Leave one bottle near the start line, no point lugging it round both laps, just change after one lap.

    May as well, they’re not doing anything for you on the bike, may may 0.0000001s difference!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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