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  • Gorilla vs gaffer
  • Premier Icon dangeourbrain
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    Tape for tubeless. I’m struggling to get my rear wheel to hold air, following the last attempt I’m now out of proper tape and considering other options.

    Wtb I25 rims, front had settled on fine, rear won’t play and leaks from the rim at spoke holes

    I have gaffer tape. Will it work?

    Premier Icon fizik
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    yes if you can trim it to the right width

    Premier Icon Andy-R
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    I’ve used gaffer tape but in my experience it depends on the make of tape – some has very poor adhesion, but then gaffer tape isn’t supposed to be very sticky anyway, as it has to be able to be removed from walls, carpets etc.
    Degrease the rim and warm the tape and it’s more likely to seal.
    Duct tape is better though and Gorilla tape the best of all IMHO.

    Premier Icon nach
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    If you put some other kind of tape around the roll of gaffer to mark your desired width (on what’ll be the offcut side), it makes it much easier to trim and you end up with an entire roll just right for your rims.

    Premier Icon dangeourbrain
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    Ta for the pointers, I’ll give it a bash and see how we do.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop
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    Not used gorrilla tape in wheels but have used it for other stuff.**

    Brutally good stickiness.

    Best gaffer your I’ve ever bought for sure.

    ** No kidnappings involved.

    Premier Icon Suggsey
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    Had the self same issue with some gorilla tape on Tubeless ready rins……would not seal…..the rims were pinned not welded and the air was escaping through the pinned joint. I switched to some hi tensile rim tape with a strip across the pinned joint first then circumference of rim bed…..sealed immediately! Having said that the rims are budget offerings from Superstar……not had any issues with any magic non tubeless ready rims using gorilla tape but then they’re welded rims!

    Premier Icon reggiegasket
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    I’ve taped up maybe 20 pairs of road and mtb wheels and always used 3M crossweave. All have been airtight.

    Premier Icon deadkenny
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    I used heavy duty duct tape. Worked perfectly.

    Gorilla is just a brand. Loads of stuff that does the same job.

    Premier Icon tomd
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    I had problems getting the tubeless tape to seal of WTB i rims. I ended up giving them a really good clean with a brillo pad and IPA, fitting tape then putting a tube in overnight to force it to stick properly. That seemed to work. Gaffer tape should work fine, but cleaning and putting a tube in will help.

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