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  • Gore clothing – whats the fit like?
  • MrCrushrider

    i.e. are they large or small fitting or maybe even average fitting?

    im a fairly tall guy (6, 3″) and im looking at the Alp x by the way!




    I’d say average, definitely not small.

    (that’s based on their size small clothes though)


    Ben – the Alp x what – jacket?

    I’m 80kg and 6’3″ and reckon their jackets are pretty average. The XL fitted me fine apart from the arms which could have been an inch longer but I have stupidly long arms.

    agreed. 5’11, 80kg, I have the large tool jacket.

    best fit I’ve ever had for a jacket. worth absolutely every (expensive) penny.



    I’ve found their fit to be on the snug side, rather than small, if that makes sense?


    I tried on a couple of Gore windstopper jackets and the Alp X yesterday at my LBS.The windstoppers are nicely snug but not too tight and the Alp X was loose but not too baggy. I’m 6ft 2″, slim with longish arms and I found the fit of the large about right on both the windstoppers and Alp X. At 6ft 3″ you’re probably just getting into XL territory but the Alp X definitely had longer arms so you might get away with the L.

    jimbo – I ordered a Tool jacket from Evans last night. How do you find yours?


    its a bit tight round the wallet, if that helps?


    I’m 6’3″, skinny with long arms – both my Gore windstoppers are XL and spot on fit wise.

    One is more roadie/athletic and hence a little snugger fit, but both are a nice fit lengthwise. Waaaay better than Enduras take on an XL.


    I have a large tool too.


    thats whats worrying me – going by endura clothes – its difficult to tell what a large/xl actually is!


    Gore generally size up quite large, their newer stuff particularly. I will be medium in most brands but small for the newer Gore jackets. Very difficult to say for certain though as all brands seem to vary slightly.


    I have a XXL Tool (jacket), I’m just shy of 6’2″ an weigh 17st and fits great. I also have an AlpX short sleeve jersey which also fits excellently, especially now I have lost some weight! I’ve found the tool jacket exceptional, it’s really warm just with a baselayer underneath and obviously showerproof, unfortunately I forgot about the pit vents whilst going uphill at Whinlatter on Saturday, as I found that rather hot for a fat bloke 😀


    Gore fit is normal IME, although be careful if something says close fitting or race cut as it won’t be flattering if you have a gut :p

    yeti – It’s great. super breathable, I’ve had a day out scrambling up snow covered slopes with my bike in Kettlewell, kept me warm and dry, despite sweating like a horse.

    super rainy evening in north downs, although it’s not touted as completely waterproof, it actually is pretty much watertight. it hosed it down and I was bone dry underneath with a base layer.

    I was out in brighton sunshine on the south downs at the weekend. 8-10c and I didn’t overheat.

    in short, it is the absolute nuts. recommended to everyone!

    snug is the right word for these jackets.


    They different top in different fitting styles e.g. my tool jacket is ‘comfort fit’ for the less athletic frame do


    Hi I have a Gore ALPX Gore-tex jacket and Phantom windstopper with removable arms, which is great for all year round cycling, both fit reaaly well, would not change them. I was advised by the experts at http://www.tgstore.net – They reaaly know Gore.

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