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  • Gopro settings for mtb
  • cogglepin
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    Any thoughts on the best settings for a hero 7?

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    Afaik, 24fps lets in more UK sunlightūüėä

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    Depends on what you want to achieve, unless it’s very consistent conditions then auto will do a better job.

    24/25/30fps you won’t see a difference, all that affects is that it then goes 48/50/60, 96/100/120, 192/200/240, etc, which again are too close to notice.

    Protune is only worth messing with if you’re trying to get a particular shot, e.g. with the camera static as you ride past, or entering/exiting the woods and want it setup correctly for the bit you want to use.

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    Thanks guys, I’m going to have a mess about with it at the weekend.

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    Loam Ranger GoPro Settings

    Singletrack Reader Awards - Most Desirable Mountain Bike: Atherton AM 150

    Singletrack Reader Awards - Most De...
    Singletrack Video Archive: Singletrack Reader Awards - Most Desirable Mountain Bike: Atherton AM 150
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    What I use on my GoPro 8 is the following…… taken from a hot shot US rider’s recommendations……  Used in First Person POV on chest harness.

    Res/FPS: 4K/30
    Lens: Superview
    Hypersmooth: On
    Low Light: N/A
    Zoom: 1.0x
    Clips: Off


    BitRate: High
    Shutter: Auto
    EV Cmp: -0.5
    White Balance: 5500K
    ISO Min: 100
    ISO Max: 800
    Sharpness: Medium
    Colour: GoPro
    RAW Audio: Off
    Wind: On

    I’m happy enough with the result (other than my actual riding ability). I do a basic edit using Shotcut.

    Here‚Äôs an example of what those setting produce. Please don‚Äôt judge the riding ūüôĄ

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    Masterdabber that looks good and also looks like some nice riding too!

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    @cogglepin   I think the settings you use need a bit of experimentation. For instance, I believe a lot of purists prefer COLOUR being set to FLAT to give more flexibility in post-processing. for me, I rather like the GoPro Colour setting.

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