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  • GoPro mounts – Original or copies?
  • fbk

    Has anyone had any experience of the after market, 3rd party mounts, in particular the chest mount? I was going to stick with the GoPro made ones thinking they’d be better quality but they seem to get a lot of stick on reviews for being poor quality and brittle.

    Omar Little

    I dont have experience of 3rd party chest mounts but the gopro one is good. Their other mounts are not up to much though for bar or saddle mounts then the K-Edge ones are really good, they are pretty expensive so there is probably a cheaper option which will be an improvement on the gopro ones.


    As Omar states, the GoPro chest mount is very good and I also use the K-Edge for bar mounting, both get top marks from me… 🙂


    Dealextreme have some aluminium handlebar mounts which look rather similar to the K-Edge ones. Much cheaper, and work fine. They also have some cheap chest straps, don’t know if they are any good.


    Thanks guys, I’ll have a look at those bar mounts as I quite fancy some shots from the seatpost and don’t fancy a strip of plastic as the only security!


    I bought a chest mount one from bang good
    used it a couple of times so far & seems ok – survived the washing machine also (in a bag thing)

    I bought a load of tube, post/bar, tripod, etc mounts off ebay for £1-£5 each, all seem ok, some needed the nuts gluing in properly or other issues, but <£20 for stuff that does the same job as £100 of genuine bits the quality was acceptable.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    IMO the k-edge design is basically stupid- Gopros have a built in quick release, why make your bar clamp bolted? You can do better with a stick-on gopro “foot” and all manner of other random bar clamps. I saw a really nice one made by just machining away about 2/3ds of a broken Hope stem, for example.

    I’ve broken a couple of gopro official mounts, I don’t think that suggests they’re fragile, they’ve been beaten up enough that they’re entitled to break IMO. The cheap chinese ones I just got for light mounting do feel more… well, plasticky. But they do the job.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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