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  • Gopro HD Hero £150 v Gopro HD Hero 2 £270
  • mattamomo

    If your just going for footage that is nothing special (maybe for home viewing/between friends) then definitely the original £160 go pro.
    But if your going for nice videos to share on YouTube 1080p is the big thing so the second is a good choice but still not a def.
    If its not to much of a big deal pay the extra, if it is just get the cheaper


    And don’t get me wrong, when I say nothing special it is still great quality on the original

    The 2 is better but that’s a big price difference so probably not worth it unless you need any of the improvements. Have a look at the spec list:

    Areas where I could see the 2 is better:

    – higher resolution stills (11mpx versus 5mpx)
    Not a real advantage in my opinion – 5mpx will print A3 easily and due to the fisheye and framing, cropping anything other than dead centre can look weird

    – burst mode and timelapse
    Faster on the 2

    – better low light performance
    Have a look on YouTube for some side by side comparisons

    – Full wide angle at 1080p

    – compatibility with future updates
    Forthcoming WiFi backback claims to only stream with the 2

    – Menu System
    The menu system on the 2 is much clearer to use

    That’s the features that swung it for me, but the price gap was a lot closer when I got mine.

    p.s. check this for an amazing display of what can be achieved using it for stills! (I get nowhere near this…)


    Hi I’m looking to buy a HD Camera. I have some motorbike trail riding in spain some track days on the road bike and of course some special days on the MTB.

    Anyway, im looking at the two cameras and am wonder if its worth paying the difference.

    Anyone got an oppinion or experience or ideally both.



    Thanks for the info


    they are both 1080 though, although I can see the Hero 2 is slightly better.


    gixerator – Member
    they are both 1080 though, although I can see the Hero 2 is slightly better.

    Urmmm, this is false.
    Well I am pretty sure the highest p on the cam is 720p

    They are both 1080p – check the stats on the GoPro link above.

    Yes, both 1080 but the 2 does 1080 at 170 degrees, not just 127 degrees.
    Wide angle makes stuff look faster.


    I’ve the 960 and it’s perfectly fine for everything. Does 720p widescreen 30fps which, to be honest, is all you need. Go for the cheaper one!


    I’ve used both units, have a HD and and a HD2 on order… If you are mostly wanting it for the video function then go with the HD, if you are planning on shooting stills (photos) then the HD2 has the edge, but only you can decide if its a £120 edge…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    The 960 (and the Contour HD) are both excellent units. The HD2’s better bright conditions manners would be useful on a bike and supposedly the image quality is a little better but it’s still a big price difference. I’ve got an original 1080 HD but if I had to replace it tomorrow I’d probably get a 960.


    Looking at the gopro hd hero original too, i reckon its the best buy if you are on a budget. I found the 960 for £136, a bargain me thinks? But getting confused on amazon with trying to find the gopro hd original (1080p), anyone found a best price for the original 1080p?

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