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  • gopro 3 or something else ?
  • ianv

    Thinking about getting a camera but unsure of what to choose?

    Everyone seems to have a go pro but the alternatives all seem a fair bit cheaper; sony, contour, ion, drift all about £100 less than the GP3 Black.

    Anyone used the gopro and any of the others and is the go pro worth the extra cash?



    I’d recommend the Sony as it’s image stabilisation is superb. I had to mod my waterproof case though due to the domed glass lens causing loads of flare.
    The new AS30 is out and has a lot of GoPro-beating features.
    I also modded my Sony case to fit GoPro mounts.

    Premier Icon easygirl

    I’ve got a sony hdr as15for sale with head mount, bike mount, as new, never use it, will come boxed with cables etc
    £110 posted.
    They are fantastic bits of kit, and the stabilisation is far better than go pro

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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