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  • goose..what do i do?
  • got one coming for chrimbo dinner..any novel ideas on its preparation?? 😆

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    take it to bed or lose it forever


    Avoid the jet wash and the following flat spin or it will all end in tears……

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    Roast it like a big duck and don’t expect to get a lot meat off it.

    Alternatively. Joint it, confit the legs then shred/press and chill with some of the fat mixed in/slice/breadcrumb/fry them. Pan fry the breasts pink and serve thickly sliced. Could also then take off the skin from the breasts, salt it and roast between two baking trays for some goose ‘crackling’. Roast the carcass then use it for stock to make the gravy with.

    slainte 😀 rob


    A few glasses of champagne should get it in the mood, then what scaredypants says.

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    Scaredypants- I salute you.


    Very good mr pants.


    Check out Hugh Fearnley Whatisname for goose recipes.

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    You won’t get a lot of meat from it, but you will get a ton of fat. The year I had it for Christmas, I had to do a pork joint to go with it. It was really good though.

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    Eject, eject, eject!!!


    thanks…good ideas and usual entertainment/tripe…where do you find a picture of a goose in bondage gear?? wtf? the internet is a scary place sometimes

    i reckon theyre will be a bit of meat as it’ll feed 8-10 apparently..ill check out hugh,jamies coming up blank too..


    A goose normally serves 4-6 people but no more than that, I’ve confit leg on the menu at work at the moment, mire cost effective than than a whole bird, you might want to look at getting those instead.

    As Coyote says, take a gander at Hugh Fearnley Whatisname for goose recipes.


    Whatever you do (err cooking I mean), collect the ton of fat that will render off it and you’ll have luuurveley roast tatties for the rest of the year.

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    i reckon theyre will be a bit of meat as it’ll feed 8-10 apparently

    This sounds optimistic.

    The times I’ve had goose we needed two birds to feed 10.

    Top tip, make sure the size of bird you buy will fit in your oven – we got a massive one a few years ago, had to carve it up before cooking.

    thats what the butcher said…only gotta feed five.roasties ont menu anyhow…good tips ta

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