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  • Google photos editing – where have the tools gone?
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    I was working from a bookmark in chrome that took me to the Google+ page of my photos but this seems to have been diverted to Google Photos now. I knew it would happen eventually but now it has it doesn’t have the editing tools which were really pretty good if you didn’t get heavy handed with them. I can’t quite imagine that they would just ditch what was an excellent feature but the only tools available in Google Photos are way below what was there before. Am I missing something? If they are gone then is there equivalent online editing elsewhere?

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    There is a way back to the Google+ editing tools through Picasa. I can do individual photos but apparently you can get to edit whole albums and in fact the whole good old Google+ photos page.

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    Weird innit. I only ever used the straighten and crop tools and they’re still there.
    Yeah, it’s weird that they set up a great photo service, so you upload all your shit there, and then they gradually make it worse and worse, removing a feature there, making something more complicated here, generally ruining what was originally a really good photo site.
    Ah, well. S’free I spose.

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