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  • deano8

    Bought some of that £7.99 carbon look hose of crc but I can’t get the olive over the hose.
    Tried trimming the outer cable but this didn’t work.
    Do I need to buy different fittings or should I just get replacement Shimano hose?
    Advice appreciated


    Are you trying to use the shimano fittings or the proper Goodridge ones


    Goodridge hose needs their own fittings. Goodridge hose has a greater diameter than Shimano hose.


    I bought new shimano olives and inserts.
    Do you have to buy the whole fitting kit at £20 plus?
    Is it worth upgrading to this hose over standard shimano hose


    I do have Goodridge on several bikes and the only differnace I notice is the colour

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    When you trim the outer the braid has a tendency to flare a little.

    I was able to widen the olive enough (and tighten the braid a little) to squeeze it on without pulling back any braid

    If you can spare a few mm perhaps try a new cut to remove the flared braid and wrap some tape around the outside to prevent it flaring when you cut


    As said above you CANNOT use the standard Shimano fittings ,you will need to buy the Goodridge ones,if they have not changed recently then the ends normally comprise a spike which is inserted into the end of the hose which then has a tight fitting sleeve which screws onto and over this and the hose making a seal,this sceond piece has the banjos for fitting to your levers or caliper.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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