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  • Goodness me – Radio 1's sunday surgery…!
  • DrP

    What a clap-trap of drivel, pointless calls, and Aled putting his foot in his mouth with the most stupid comments to the odd serious question!

    I mean, I remember listening in the car on the odd sunday eve when it was that other girl who was pretty clued in, then that fat Osbourne goth did it, and now Aled – just because they are famous, what qualification do they have to council people on medical and emotional conundrums?!

    Caller: "I'm worried I've got AIDS/the clap/a baby"
    Aled: "Ooh, that's a bit skanky isn't it – I'm glad I don't have that"
    Resident Doc: "Erm, Ok, thanks Aled…." then follows the filling in of the huge hole that was just dug..

    Pah – Now he's chuntering on about female anatomy – "Does a girl piddle out of her Hymen…" Yes Aled. They do. And babies come from the stork… Jeez – he made the right sexuality choice eh!



    And your point is…?

    Premier Icon mustard

    His ridiculously cringeworthy naivety cracks me up, how did he manage to get to that age without knowing some of the things he obviously knows nothing about? It is a bit of a worrying reflection on the welsh education system!


    Does anyone over the age of ten actually listen to Radio 1?


    Err yes, plenty of people over 10 listen to Radio 1. The problem for them is that no one under 30 is listening to it, so in typical BBC style they dumb it down more and more in an attempt to get younger people to listen.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Mustard it's the Welsh education system, reproductive biology is focussed on sheep 😆


    How on earth did he get into the position of seniority that he has on Radio 1, by being so naive, is what I wonder about him? Who's doing the hiring, Mr. Blobby?!

    I've heard him on it before, and as per Dr. P., thought he was a bad choice for it, the previous presenters were far better, especially when it's came to a serious topic of discussion.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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