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  • Goodbye Privateer – it's been fun.
  • #520 – all my issues are now on ebay….

    Twas a great mag – read the final issue last night cover to cover. The piece on Martin Ashton is truly amazing.

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    175 here found my name eventually plus about half the people I ‘know’ through Twitter 🙂

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    Mine hasn’t turned up yet. Boo.


    18 issues pretty much still to read but least it will age well, a small investment for a timeless print for a sport I have dedicated years to. It will add nicely to issue one of mountain biker I have , all the early 90’s mags and mtb pro’s.

    Its a shame its gone but also nice to have been part of, especially since issue one and it will be sought after in some years time but I’m keeping mine


    Absolutely excellent quality magazine, for me it was by far the best mtb publication. Sure perhaps It seems comparitively expensive but for the quailty (and quantity) of the content, design and photography it was well worth it… Shame to see it go.


    Came to Privateer a bit late but very sorry to see it go, think it has suffered due to the
    current popularity of road bikes, “look at how well Rouleur is doing”.

    Only one quality mtb mag left now!

    Agree with the comments on the Albion mag, high quality and FREE!


    I was a subscriber from issue 1, after the first period my subscription stoped coming so I contacted them to start it again, I and they had no idea why my subscription stoped.

    After the second subscription period ended, the same again happens, no one knows why it stoped coming so they started is again.

    After the 3rd or it could have been the 4th (each time the same) period ended same again, at this point I couldn’t be bothered contacting them again.

    Shame it was a good mag, when I got it… But if they are not going the let people buy them or make it so hard to buy the mag.

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    779 going to miss it, just getting into its stride and £9, well I stumped up and I’m from Halifax.


    The pictures from Cass’s piece in this issue are just stunning. And it still smells nice.

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    +1 regarding the Martyn Ashton piece, well written and an uplifting interview.

    No. 579, will be sadly missed, the last few issues have been great, now tempted to print up some NINE QUID? tees 😉

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    Order of taking out sub?

    Don’t think so I was near the end and been subscribing since issue1 (but have never read a single issue, only browsed and read the occasional article, I will do though as said before they are pretty much timeless)
    Do still like my Privateer subs gift SatisFactory Rider TShirt

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