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  • Good Weekend
  • mk1fan

    Bit late this but I was pre-occupied yesterday.

    Spent a long weekend on the bike with a mate of mine. On Thursday we rode at Esher Shore. Did 4-hoursish just riding the bits. I completed 99% of the blue sections – one really tight switch back corner got me – and rode the ‘first’ red run too. Also did the berm run acouple of times too. Alot harder work that I thought it would be but great fun and a real benefit to moving my skills on.

    Friday headed over to Cwmcarn for a couple of assisted XC loops. Loads of fun and although time slipped away from us, and I didn’t get to do the couple of DH runs I wanted, it was a good effort. Headed off to Glyngorgg to pitch the tent in the afternoon.

    Saturday, rode W2 out from Glyngorgg. I was completly boned on the Wall climb and just made it! I was not a well camper that night.

    Sunday, rode the old railway track to Afan and hooned round the Penhydd before heading back to GG to strike camp and head home. Got my mate to follow me through a couple of the sections and got him riding faster.

    Weather was glorious, people very friendly – except the theiving scum who had a couple of bikes out of a locked car, Drop Off Cafe was excellent as ever. Except on Sunday where they were completely swamped, sold out of loads and food took an age to arrive.

    Camping was fun too, although I need a camp bed now. I’m too old to sleep on the floor!!!

    Some film taken but nothing worth loading up to the net.

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