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  • Good training books?
  • andyrm

    James Wilson’s online stuff is brilliant – assuming this is for MTB not road?


    I find the Friel one superb. There’s a lot of content, but really only one chapter to read if you’re trying to plan a season etc.

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    I have read a fair bit over the years, from lots of different resources, books, magazines & the interweb. I understand quite a lot a lot of the concepts in isolation. But what I don’t seem to be verry good at is bringing it all together in creating a training plan.

    So I am looking for something that is quite practical rather than just the background theory, preferably something lighter than Friels bible, and definitely not the “time crunched cyclist” {which I gave up on after 2 chapters of being told what a great method this is, without even starting to reveal any of the supposed methodology, my time is too crunched to read chapters of marketing for a book I have already bought FFS),

    Any recommendations?

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    +1 for BikeJames once you get past the ‘alriigght’ every few minutes

    Knows his stuff and can tell you how it helps you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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