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    Where abouts in York are you? I'm up for a ride every so often if you want. Particularly Tuesday evenings at the moment.

    I've just heard another injury in my riding group, Injuries, Travelling, Moving etc has seen my local riding buddies drop to one or two,

    Any riding groups out there looking for more members?

    Sounds good, I live in York centre and work in Thirsk so quiet easy for me to get about. Drop me an email when you fancy heading out.

    Premier Icon igm

    Will do. And speak to Richard at Fulford Cycles too he organises rides too – you may end up spending money with him of course.

    I'm in Boroughbridge & places like Osmotherly & Swainby are only 30mins away. Don't normally ride in groups but gimme a shout if your'e looking for company.

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    I'm in York too, but working in Garforth (Leeds) so would gladly join the gang – also got a mate who'd be interested too.

    I'm in York too, but working in Garforth

    Your'e lucky being able to go back to York from Garforth! Moved from there last year thank God!

    fish wife


    be interested also – work and live in york

    often string a few bridleways together round york for an easy evening ride and a beer at kings arms and also further afield. couple of mates who often make it out also so drop me an email – monday and wednesday nights but heading up to sutton bank sunday evening if you want to tag along


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    Riding tomorrow night (Tuesday) – easy 16 miler starting in the car park in the centre of Boston Spa

    I'm in Northallerton and have been known to get out and about in the Snilesworth/Black Hambleton and Kepwick area in the evenings.

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    16 miles – 2 hours – done

    Cheers for all the feedback,

    Good to see the many responses.

    I think a STW York Area ride is in Order now.

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    just thought i'd get in on this topic, living and working in York, so i'll be up for some group fun 😉


    I live in East Leeds, but I'll come over to York if you organise an STW ride.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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