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  • Premier Icon joat

    Overshoes for both mtb and road. It will probably stop raining now.

    Premier Icon boxelder

    My mum’s a good knitter, could I borrow this for a bit?

    Hehe – made me smile.

    New Lumi LED light here and Velodrome Scalectrix. Nice mini whisky/ey mix (Scottish and Irish). Plus a couple of hours watching the kids get excited – priceless.

    The Pilot

    Got a ted baker hat, coffee grinder, coffee beans to put in it, vip tickets for the bike show and some other things from my girlfriend. It’s our first Christmas together, very happy 🙂


    A map and guidebook for the Bob Graham Round.

    And slippers

    Jamie, I spent a similar amount on a G-shock well over ten years ago. It’s still going strong, and even on the original battery! Very, very good value for money. Even if that one looks a little too

    for my tastes!



    something different to the usual bike related bits.


    The wife got me one of these

    Beastmaker 1000 Series

    Hoping it will help push my climbing grade and produce a grip of death, and it made a nice change from the usual things like pants 😀

    Premier Icon ton

    i did good,
    bottle of Dalwhinnie, just sat sipping one.
    on one merino cardigan, cos i am a grandad and grandads can wear cardi’s.
    a northface parka…..cos i need to keep toasty.
    a alpkit sleeping mat.
    a alpkit head torch.
    and some sheepskin slippers……….. 😆

    Premier Icon maxray

    alpkit hunka xl, some mob socks and a 20l dry bag here… bivvying is on my to do list for next year!


    Sufferfest and tickets to Reginald D Hunter.


    levi roots cookbook
    surface windbreaker
    a nice sweater and t-shirt (with ubercool graf related prints)
    that bike art book
    the obligatory new riding gloves


    Very happy

    Some Endura waterproof shorts which are likely to be very useful pleased with those.


    Sealskinz socks and whisky miniatures both should be very handy 🙂

    Small pPanasonic waterproof camera and wiggos and Tyler’s books

    -Brasher gtx ‘light’ walking boots. Brown leather, not too chunky, fit nice, well chuffed!

    -6 disc Truffaut film collection 8)
    Portland Design Works “king of ding” brass bicycle bell. 8) 8) (available from your friendly singlespeed Bikemonger so the wife says)

    -No Wiggo book, will I be missing out?

    A boxed and unused Nikon FM2(n) body.
    I would have been happy with just that for christmas alone.
    Have been itching to get my hands on a good 35mm film camera for ages.


    Signed Beastie Boys poster, and a clarkes tool chest. Good job missus!

    Premier Icon iainc

    Nexus 7 and first post on it here and now 😆 also trying out the Jura Superstition !


    Also gf is paying for us to go zorbing, can’t wait 🙂

    Premier Icon JoeG

    New UVEX XC helmet.
    Ergon grips.
    2 Sigma Sport bike computers (they were 1/2 price and 2 went over the free shipping threshold).

    I’m happy. Its all stuff that I asked for and will actually use!


    I hate you all, i got a load of utter shite off the wife. In fact i knew i would so i decided before christmas that id treat myself to a reverb!

    Chrismas is for the kids in out house now as its pointless going out of my way to get the wife anything as it wont be repaid


    New wallet – should last me a good few years…

    Premier Icon jules.b

    Great call by Mrs .B. I wanted one of these since I was eight or so, somehow didn’t get round to buying one.

    That is a really nice wallet!

    [Not my photo.]

    Premier Icon molgrips

    its pointless going out of my way to get the wife anything as it wont be repaid

    Someone has the spirit of Christmas… 😯

    Tom B

    I’ve got a coffee machine and some ace espresso cups from my folks, a nice bottle of Chateauneuf from my sister, meal voucher for our favourite Italian from my father in law. My wife and I didn’t buy for each other this year as we’ve both had a car since September. No bike stuff, but I’m buying some bike packing stuff as my Xmas treat.


    Even if it looks a little:

    …that’s why I like it. Retro-tastic.

    Boba Fatt

    A kindle, a bottle if The Laddie and some stuff about the TT, also weirdly a good mood for Xmas which is unlike me……I am a very lucky (and often grumpy but not this year) boy


    recieved my combined birthday and christmas present,

    im speachless

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Got some cool bike related stuff.

    Bluetooth HRM
    Vans Gravels
    Fox Flux

    But for a big kid, the biggest grin came from my new light sabre pen!


    a kindle fire and a huge pizza paddle for the kitchen . need a job in pizza hut to use it though!


    TLD Ruckus shorts, Guy Martin calendar, more ski socks and four bottles of San Migel…
    Shocked that I’m amused by a calendar with a Vauxhall Astra in it… 😮


    From my sister and bro-in-law


    What my missus did not get – a sweater from – the Sarah Lund jumper people. I ordered it on 12 December. No reply. I mailed them on 19 December and asked if I would have it by Xmas. On 21 Dec they mailed me and said the sweater is no longer available and my order is cancelled. Just that. Happy Christmas.


    Got a great Canterbury jumper from the wife and some good t’s. Also got a copy of Jesus Hates Zombies (comic) and a rather nice Olive oil and balsamic combined container and some Alessi espresso spoons.

    All in all given that I have bought myself a Suunto Core, iPad, couple of pairs of Howies jeans, Skiing clothing, new Lumix TZ30 plus a bunch of other stuff this year I really didn’t need or want for much!

    Apart from this ….

    Camelbak mule NV,(loving the in built rain cover! :lol:) The Good Mountain Biking Guide, bike computer + wine, chocolates, tshirts etc all very nice, not a single naff present in sight. 😀

    Lego Sopworth Camel here, looking forward to building it up:

    Premier Icon JoeG

    docstar – those Lansky knife sharpeners are really fantastic. I have one. If you get the super fine white colored stone (feels like ceramic) you can get knives sharp enough to shave the hair off of your arm! 😯

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I got my £10 gerber that sharp, using a cheap worn grey stone. Using the Ray Mears technique.


    That sounds really filthy… The Ray Mears Technique, involves sheep poo and willow bark….

    Got an awesome Berghaus fleece thing and a Petzl Myo RXP amongst other stuff. So much better when you make your Wiggle/Amazon/etc wishlists public…

    I am now like a kid in a sweet shop waiting to try out the new head torch and fleece when I walk the dogs tonight. The only thing better than that was thinking up an awesome pressie for my mum’s birthday in Feb and seeing my wife’s smile when she opened her present.


    What is it with watches… mobile has the time, clock in the car. clock on the computer, clocks on billboards, on TV, stereo player ……and another on your arm, why?

    Premier Icon DezB

    My most STW present:

    Not tasted yet, so not sure if it’s good or not, but it smells lovely :-

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