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  • Good News re. Bristol Bike theft
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    Great news!

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    Always glad to hear a happy ending when bikes get nicked, pity it doesn’t happen more often!

    Sounds like you’ve got some local Police doing a great job there.


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    Excellent news and nice to hear some positive news about the police irrespective of the end result 🙂

    I started a thread the other day about my shed being broken into and two bikes and a set of forks being nicked,

    Anyway, I had a call today from the South Bristol Priority Crime Team to let me know they’d found my bikes in someones flat and made a couple of arrests.

    To be honest I’d come to terms with never seeing my stuff again. In particular my Garmin which was on one of the bikes. I can’t thank Avon and Somerset police enough. Even without this positive result they’ve been brilliant.

    Hopefully they’ll have other people’s stuff too.



    good news! Nice one Brizzle 5-0 🙂


    Glad to hear it. Bristol, erstwhile Cycling City, can be a right pain in the arse for cyclists what with gits following you home from the trails and er…gits* kicking your wheels in if they can’t pinch the bike.

    *I suspect the swear filter would react to a more appropriate description.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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