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  • Good luck to the Mountain Mayhemers
  • Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    What is the Big Bike Bash? How many hours and team or solo or both?

    For those who aren’t going, there are still tickets available to the Big Bike Bash which is a far more relax weekend.

    Sorry if this seems a bit blatant but we are ordering lots of topilets and showers for the BBB and they want deposit money in the next couple of weeks.

    It is a whole weekend. There are about 30-40 different events spread over Saturday and Sunday. These vary from XC races, Night races, Devil take the hindmost sprint races through to less serious stuff like bike jousting, lake jump and pint to pint racing.

    We will be running a team competition. Basically we will pick 5 or 6 events and designate them as team scoring events. That way you can do most stuff as individuals but for team events your scores will be aggregated.

    Starts 10am Saturday but camp site is open the night before as well. Ends about 4 or 5pm Sunday.

    One ticket covers entry to every competition and includes camping for the weekend.

    Over £12,000 in the prize pot at the moment. Strictly limited to 500 people.

    All money raised goes to charity (UK Youth).

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    That sounds absolutely ace. Will there be a wet tee-shirt competition and stuff like that? Mate of mine used to work for Club 18-30 and could help you out with some very entertaining ‘games’ 🙂

    Another really good idea might be an Athletic and Aesthetic contest for the lovely laydee friends of those who are going along. That way it would remain tasteful but still give the boys an eyeful eh?

    I guess you’ve thought of those already, but I thought I’d mention it just in case.


    Had on; weren’t you slagging off A+A, and claiming it was out of order, only last week, BWD?? 😀

    Wet T-shirt must work for ladies as well.

    Knobbly Knees contest would be all-inclusive.

    As for Club 18-30; BBB is a family event. No smut.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    To be honest, I think there’s a big difference between a family forum like this and an adult event like the BBB, which is catering for raw-blooded males. I think it’s all about context. I don’t see anyfing wrong with a wet tee-shirt contest as long as its tastefully done, though I don’t wanna see a load a wobbling moobs. If someone can confirm that it is going to be quite laddish, I might even ask some of my mates if they want to come, they like a good piss up and some skirt 😉

    There’s a lake jump so I suspect a few wet t-shirts.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    Have you got a lot of girls cummin along then WCA? I dunt really wanna spend a full weekend just with blokes and families. How about doing a live biking dating show, you know, like Blind Date for guys like myself? That would be awesome. Maybe combine it with the wet tee-shirts. Nice twist by the way, combining the wet tees with a lake jump.

    Let me know if you want contact details for my mate Wayne who used to be an 18-30 rep. He could maybe help you out with some compering. He’s a right laugh, a bit blue, but funny as hell. Those games are brilliant and would go down really well with mountain bikers I reckon.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    Just so it’s clear, the games right, there’s no full frontal nudity involved. It’s mostly sausages and bananas and stuff like that, all quite tasteful. It won’t break obscenity laws or anything like that though I guess some bleeding heart liberals like Rideboy might see it as denigrating women. It’s all just a bit of fun though.

    [edit: sorry, meant ‘Rudeboy’ guess it was a subliminal thing eh, given that he never talks about riding LOL LOL LOL]


    The only interesting thing left of this forum (the other parts of the site are still interesting though) is the genius that is Badly Wired Dog.

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