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  • Good Kinesis North West dealer
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    Getting closer to saying yes to an ATR and need to speak two, maybe three Kinesis dealers to select one. I’m based in Warrington and happy to travel circa 75 miles in any direction if the feedback is good. 75 miles gets me as far as Staffs, some parts of South Yorkshire plus all the usual Manchester,Cheshire,Lancs & Merseyside locations, cheers PB

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    Merlin Cycles sell Kinesis, based near Chorley.

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    Paul Hewitt in Leyland. Nice man and a great framebuilder/wheelbuilder/bikefitter.

    They do loads of Kinesis builds.

    Proper, excellent old school shop too.

    Terrible website though….  🙂

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    Thanks guys, I am smitten by old school nous and crap web site

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    Can I interest you in a V1 57cm Tripster? I have a full bike for sale in the classifieds..

    Based between Stoke and Derby so not a million miles away..

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    Hewitt website is surprisingly accurate! On two recent occasions I’ve gone in and they managed to find obscure bits and bobs that the site suggested they had……. Somewhere….. (Nexus hub anti-turn washers and a Cane Creek seatpost shim). Even they were surprised!

    Ride on at Rawtenstall are also a Kinesis dealer with good workshop and ten year out of date website 🙂

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    I got my Crosslight from the Bicycle Smithy in Hazel Grove. Really sound bloke who helped me spec the bike to what I needed and my budget.

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    +1 for Ride On. they ordered & built my Tripster frame for me and did a great job.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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