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  • Good, Free antivirus software?
  • loddrik

    Is there any?

    if so, any recommendations?

    I’ve just a years free subscription with McAfee via HSBC (internet banking). Is this an option for you?


    AVG (Grisoft) is very good and universally known to be. They give pretty comprehensive free protection in the hope that you will buy the full doings later.

    TBH you might as well get on to Ebay and get a full home user disc. I get my AVG yearly for £9.99 and it’s way better and cheaper than Norton, Kaspersky or McAffee.
    AVG also is more user friendly and doesn’t **** you off with constant interference.


    Avast here. No issues. Try Comodo if you want to.


    Second vote for AVG.

    I’m too tight to pay for it but I’ve been using the free version for about 5 years now with no problems.


    AVG free for me
    and use FF

    Premier Icon bruneep

    avast here


    Another vote for Avast. Less intrusive than AVG.


    I use Avira on my laptop & it seems to work well, you will get a nag screen at startup which is one click to clear and that’s it.

    Premier Icon Jamze

    and another Avast user here.


    I’ve set it up on every PC I’ve built for family and friends, no problems at all. No nag screens, just need to register every year.


    I previously had Avira and recently installed Avast, both are good and easy to install and presumably do the job etc. Avast has the edge in my book as Avira were always putting adds on my PC trying to sell their upgrade, that doesn’t appear to be the case with Avast, so it works in the background without being in your face all the time with pop-up adds.

    with avast, do i need to install anything like spybot to supplement the protection, or does it do it all?

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    Avast much nice than AVG and it join the HSBC.

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    One more vote here for AVG free – I’ve used it for a few years now without any problems. Second the choice of FF for browser too.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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