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    Pixels !!…best laugh I’ve had all year…great family film!!

    Best film I seen recently that is instantly memorable & looks like nothing you seen before is Snowpiercer. It’s hard to track down but if you are a sci fi fan then it’s a must IMHO


    A most violent year

    Very ,very good ,and not what I was expecting.

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    Chappie is excellent. Shades of the original RoboCop and the original Mad Max with good acting and a thoughtful ploy.


    Avengers – Age of Ultron
    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Marshland….spanish ‘true detective’ set in 70’s….

    Our local library is really good, which is just as well, as Netflix is utter dung. One day I’ll cancel that DD…..

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    As mentioned above – Whiplash

    +1 for Nightcrawler, what a splendid piece of neo-noir. Caught me by surprise how much I actually enjoyed it. Put me in mind of Mullholland Drive in a twisted old-school arty night-shots sort of way. Watched it twice, back to back.

    Also Nesbo’s Headhunters if you like ripping, bloody crime thrillers with twist and turns.


    Another recommendation for Ex Machina here. Just a very taught little film. Like a lot of good sci-fi, it’s about the present, as opposed to the future. Also a bit of an apologetic confessional on the way men (even “good” men) can objectify women. Contains one of the most disturbing dance scenes in cinema history.

    Also enjoyed Whiplash, although it owes a bit much (and even snatches the odd bit of dialogue from) Full Metal Jacket.

    Loved the way the musical performances were shot though, and JK Simmons is predictably amazing.

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    MI5 was very good, Rebecca Ferguson was excellent.

    Just watched Interstellar (I know I’m late to the party) which was, in my opinion, far, far better than Gravity.

    Maze Runner was okay too.

    I though Fury was pretty pants. Brad Pitt “War Daddy” was good, but the rest was fairly flat.


    another vote for Whiplash


    +2 for Nightcrawler


    Whiplash, definitely agreed on recommendations for it above, a truly excellent film.

    I saw A Most Violent Year last night, I was a bit disappointed, couldn’t really engage with it so it didn’t do much for me. Very well put together and very impressive performances (particularly from Oscar Isaac, boss chappie out of Ex Machina), but the story let it down for me.

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